Company Of Heroes 3 Us Forces Battlegroups Guide
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Company of Heroes 3: US Forces Battlegroups guide

'Murica! Heck yeah!

Company of Heroes 3 has a skirmish mode that allows you to choose from four different factions, including the US Forces. With reliable infantry, airborne troops, and an assortment of tanks, you can bring shock and awe on the battlefield. Here’s our Company of Heroes 3 US Forces Battlegroups guide to help you with the different doctrines and perks that you can use.

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Company of Heroes 3 US Forces Battlegroups guide

As with other Company of Heroes 3 Battlegroups, the US Forces faction allows you to select from three main options or branches. Once you earn enough commander points (i.e., XP) and pick one, you’ll be locked-in. Your selection will then have a couple of trees with multiple perks.

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Here are the Airborne options for the Company of Heroes 3 US Forces Battlegroups. These focus primarily on air power and paratroopers.

Tier Aerial Support Paradropped Infantry
1 Smoke Bombing Run – Airdrops smoke pots onto the battlefield. Pathfinders – All current and future Scout squads are upgraded to Pathfinders.
Recon Loiter – Reveals an area. Heavy Machine Gun Paradrop – Paradrops a .30cal. HMG team to the target location.
2 Supply Drop – Paradrops two munitions and two medical supply crates. Paratrooper Squad Paradrop – Drop a Paratrooper squad to the target location.
Paradrop Reinforcements – Allows reinforcements to be paradropped in an area, as opposed to having a depleted unit return to HQ.
3 Dual P-47 Rocket Strike – Designate an area for bombardment. Anti-Tank Gun Team Paradrop – Drop an M1 AT team to the target location.
Carpet Bombing Run – Desinate a wide area for a bombing run after a long delay.


Here are the Armored options for the Company of Heroes 3 US Forces Battlegroups. These affect the capabilities of your engineers, tanks, and various vehicles.

Tier Engineering Corps Armored Doctrine
1 Assault Engineers – Engineer squads gain an extra soldier, health, and boosted offensive capabilities. Fast Deploy – Reduces the production time of vehicles in production buildings.
Veteran Crews – +1 veterancy rank for all vehicles. Strength in Steel – Reduces the population cost of all vehicles.
2 Field Repairs – Crews will automatically repair their vehicle when idle and out of combat. M8 Scott SPG – Deploys an M8 Scott armed with a 75mm light howitzer.
M31 Recovery Vehicle – Deploys an M31 Recovery Vehicle. Seek and Destroy – Activate to increase vehicle speed, rate of fire, and accuracy.
3 War Machine – Reduces manpower cost of all vehicles in production buildings. M4A3E8 Sherman Combat Group – Deploys an M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight with a Rifleman squad escort.

Special Operations

Here are the Special Operations options for the Company of Heroes 3 US Forces Battlegroups. These are for reconnaissance, tactical advances, and quick captures.

Tier Combat Support Combat Operations
1 M29 Weasel Recon Vehicle – Deploys an M29 Weasel. Raiding Flares – Designate a flare barrage on a target area.
M29 Weasel Assault Team – Deploys an M29 Weasel with an Engineer squad armed with an M2 Flamethrower. Smoke Barrage – Designate a smoke barrage on a target area.
2 Mark Vehicle – A recon plane will mark a hostile vehicle. SSF Commando Squad – Deploys an SSF Commando squad.
P-47 Strafing Runs – Designates a dual strafing run over an area.
3 M4A1 Sherman Whizbang – Deploys an M4A1 Sherman Whizbang. Assault Operation – Increases infantry capture and decapture speeds; makes your infantry harder to hit.
Air Resupply Operation – Paradrops an M1 anti-tank gun, M1919 machine gun, and fuel crate to the target area.

Company of Heroes 3 is available via Steam.

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