Funcom have released more details about Age of Conan player-versus-player combat system, and we do have to say that it looks pretty tasty.

Although subject to change, the details come from the test server, but we don’t expect too much will get dropped. If anything we reckon there may be a few pleasant surprises instead.

So, let’s get to the point. The PVP levelling system will be introduced and there will be ten levels to get through. You’ll be able to acquire PVP level experience by killing players, but you’ll also lose points when you die at the hand of another. In addition to this you’ll have PVP armour and weapons, but you need in-game money and reach the required PVP level for each item to get these.

Probably the coolest feature is the “notoriety” system which starts all PVP players as innocent, but if you attack another innocent player in the world you’ll gain Criminal status. If you actually kill another player you’ll gain murder points, and the more murder points you accumulate, the closer you are to falling into the Murderer category. As a Murderer guards will attack you and you’ll not be able to speak to traders. Also, other players will gain points for killing you and they won’t be penalised for doing so.

That’s the crux of it really. If you want to know more, see below for more details, otherwise keep your eyes peeled on our Conan community site for updated infoLatest PvP Notes.Here is a brief explanation of the basics of the new PvP systems.Everything listed here may not be in the current build on Testlive, anddoes not necessarily reflect the final system.

PVP Levels and XP
* There are 10 PVP levels.
* All players are worth 100 PvP XP when killed by a similar level player.
* When you die in PvP, you lose PvP XP. The amount you lose is static, regardless of the level of player who killed you.
* Losing PVP XP will not de-level you in PvP level.
* In order to prevent abuse of the system, there is a limit set on howmany times one player can gain or lose PvP XP from another.
* You gain normal PVE XP when you are involved in a PVP kill. If you oryour team get credit for a PVP kill, then you gain a certain amount ofPVE experience from that kill. You get 10% of the XP from that playeras though he were a monster of that level. You always get a minimum of1 xp.

PVP Items
You can buy PVP items with normal money (there is no special currencyfor PVP). However, your PvP level will have to meet the requirements(if any) on any items you wish to use.
* Items are not tradeable
* Sold by PvP vendors

Notoriety System
A player is flagged in three different ways using this system: innocent, criminal, and murderer.

* Criminals and Murderers will have an icon showing their status.
* Innocent : No one can perform hostile actions on you without being flagged as a Criminal.
* Criminal : Performing a hostile action on an Innocent player willflag you as a Criminal for 5 minutes. Any further Criminal acts duringthe 5 minute time will refresh your Criminal Status.
* Attacking Criminal players and/or killing them will not flag you as Criminal.
* Killing Criminal Players will not cause you to gain murder points.
* Murderer : Players who have attacked and killed innocent playersenough times to generate 100 or more points will be flagged asMurderers. Killing lower level players (outside your XP range) willresult in a larger penalty towards the murderer limit.
* Murder score is capped at 1750 points.
* For every other real time hour that passes, your murder score is reduced by 1 point.
* If you die in PvP and lose PvP XP, you will receive a 3 point reduction to your total murder score.
* Killing mobs which yield XP will reduce your murder score at a rateof 1 point per 1% of a level worth of XP. Completing quests for XP willNOT contribute.
* Murderers and Criminals cannot access traders or vendors.
* Guard NPCs will attack murderers on sight.
* Dying while flagged as a murderer results in the following: a. 100%increased loss of PvP XP for the murder b. 100% increased gain of PvPXP for the person killing the murderer c. 100% increased chance ofdropping an item.
* Any players interacting with a Criminal or Murderer (that includesgrouping with them or trading with them) will be flagged as a Criminal.
* If you group with a Criminal or Murderer, you will be flagged as aCriminal for as long as you are in the team, and 5 minutes after theteam disbands (or the Criminal/Murderer leaves the team).
* Any team member performing a criminal act will flag the entire team in the vicinity as a criminal.

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