Content Drop Weekly Pc Game Releases Afterparty, Ghost Parade, The 13th Doll

Content Drop: Afterparty, Ghost Parade, and The 13th Doll bring you a spooky Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, and we’ve got PC game releases that’ll bring the spookiness, scares, and even a trip to hell. This week’s Content Drop will feature titles such as Afterparty, Ghost Parade, and The 13th Doll. If you don’t feel like getting the creepy vibes, you can also check out Citadel: Forged with Fire and Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King.

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Content Drop Weekly Pc Game Releases Afterparty, Ghost Parade, 13th Doll

  • Release Date: October 29
  • Developer: Night School Studio
  • Publisher: Night School Studio
  • Store: Epic

In Afterparty, best friends Milo and Lola suddenly find themselves dead before they even graduated college. There seems to be no way of escaping hell until the two are presented with a loophole: outdrink Satan and you get to leave the underworld. In order to do that, the two will need to do their own bar-hopping in hell, brewing new mixes and solving puzzles that’ll reveal solutions or dialogue choices.

Afterparty isn’t a difficult game by any means. Steven Wong reviewed the game and gave it an 8 out of 10 score. He found the puzzles and mini-games quite easy enough. Where it shines, though, is in the character development, voice acting, and writing departments. Like Night School Studio’s previous title Oxenfree, Afterparty presents you with the weird and wonderful, the quirky and the macabre. Dialogue choices and voice acting add more depth to characterization, lending a stronger emotional connection to the characters.

The 13th Doll

Content Drop Weekly Pc Game Releases The 13th Doll, Afterparty, Ghost Parade

  • Release Date: October 31
  • Developer: Attic Door Productions
  • Publisher: Attic Door Productions
  • Store: Steam

The 7th Guest originally released back in 1993. In those days, interactive games were all the rage. You had the Dragon’s Lair series and the controversial Night Trap. The 7th Guest capitalized on the craze with full-motion videos (FMVs) backed by a horror plot and several puzzles. In that game, a mogul by the name of Henry Stauf invites six guests into his mansion. The titular seventh guest, a boy named Tad, sneaks inside as well unbeknownst to Stauf. Only Tad survives the harrowing night.

Although The 7th Guest became a success, its sequel The 11th Hour sold below expectations. Plans to continue the series floundered until Attic Door Productions began a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. The campaign was a moderate success, with over a thousand backers pledging $60,000 in support.

That brings us to The 13th Doll which is touted as a passion project made by fans of the horror classic. In The 13th Doll, players will unravel the story of Tad. All grown up, Tad has never been the same following the events of the original game. Locked up in a mental institution, Tad receives help from a therapist. To undo the trauma that Tad suffered as a child, the two will have to head back to Stauf’s mansion. Naturally, creepy and alarming moments ensue.

Other Content Drops this week

Content Drop Weekly Pc Game Releases Citadel Forged With Fire, Afterparty, Ghost Parade, The 13th Doll

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin & The Lion King (October 29) – Two 16-bit classics from our childhood will make their return. The games are packaged together on Steam.

Journey for Elysium (October 31) – This VR game where you make your way through the Greek underworld heads to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Find it on Steam.

Ghost Parade (October 31) – From Indonesian developer, Lentera Nusantara, comes an adventure side-scroller where you can obtain the help of 30 ghost companions. Find it on Steam.

Citadel: Forged with Fire (November 1) – Use magic and craft weapons in this online RPG. Citadel: Forged with Fire (seen above) has been part of Steam’s Early Access program since 2017. The official release was originally set for October but that has since been moved to November 1.

Next week’s Content Drops

Save for Citadel: Forged with Fire, November 2019’s Content Drops will arrive next week. We’ll see PC games such as Need for Speed Heat, Planet Zoo, and Blacksad: Under the Skin. Oh, and you might’ve heard of a particular game called Red Dead Redemption 2. Yes, Rockstar’s massive hit finally release for PC next week. We’ll see you then.

Note: All release dates are for North America.

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