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February 2019 was one of the biggest months for PC game releases last year. We saw titles such as Anthem, Metro Exodus, Far Cry: New Dawn, Ace Combat 7, Yakuza Kiwami, Jump Force, Crackdown 3, and even the surprise arrival of Apex Legends.

February 2020, however, seems a little quiet in comparison. Still, we’ll get to see PC game releases such as Zombie Army 4, One Punch Man, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. We’ll see old classics remade or rereleased such as Wasteland Remastered, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Oh, and Valve’s auto battler Dota Underlords finally leaves early access for its official launch and the beginning of Season 1.

For all the games coming out in 2020, 2021, and beyond, check out our full PC game release dates listing here.

Content Drop February 2020 Pc Game Releases Zombie Army 4, Dota Underlords

February 2020 PC game release dates

Zombie Army 4 (Rebellion): February 4

Zombie Hitler is dead, but the uncountable hordes of zombies are still at it. You can play Zombie Army 4 solo or with your friends. It’s time to survive by mowing down the undead.

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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics (Bonus XP): February 4

A tactical RPG that’s an adaptation of the hit fantasy series that debuted on Netflix.

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Kunai (TurtleBlaze): February 6

You’re a tablet, and you’re also a ninja! Hack and slash your way in this retro-inspired action platformer.

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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed (Motion Twin): February 11

Dead Cells‘ first paid DLC adds a couple of levels and bosses for the early-game experience.

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Wolcen Studio): February 13

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an ARPG that lets you customize and tailor-fit your character through its weapons and armor systems, as well as having no class limitations in combining different skills and passives. The game has been part of Steam’s early access program since 2016 and it’ll release in February 2020.

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Daemon X Machina (Marvelous, Inc.): February 13

The action game lets you pilot your own mech as you take down gigantic robots with a friend, or engage them in online PvP. Daemon X Machina is only available on the Nintendo Switch and PCs.

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Nom Nom Apocalypse (Deadleaf Games): February 13

A top-down shooter in the vein of Enter the Gungeon. Nom Nom Apocalypse is expected to support Steam’s Remote Play Together feature where only the host needs to own the game and pals just need to connect via the internet.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave (Idea Factory): February 13

Based on a mobile title, the game features anime-style characters that are, apparently, battleships with human forms.

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Necronator: Dead Wrong (Toge Productions): February 13 (Early Access)

A micro-RTS game with deck-building mechanics, you’ll have to build an undead army to take out the elves.

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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Capcom): February 14

This release contains almost all the content from Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition — a total of 40 fighters, 34 stages, and over 200 costumes.

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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate (Koei Tecmo): February 14

The ultimate edition now includes several returning characters, including Joan of Arc (Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War) and Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive). Newcomers such as Gaia, Hades, and Perseus also beef up the roster to a whopping 177 playable characters.

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Corruption 2029 (The Bearded Ladies): February 17

This turn-based tactical RPG is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you get to control three archetypal characters. Sound familiar? It’s because it’s from The Bearded Ladies, the same studio that released Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

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Besiege (Spiderling Studios): February 18

Besiege is a physics-based building game where you can construct gigantic behemoths, flying contraptions, and trebuchets as you lay waste to villages and castles. The game leaves Steam’s early access program this February.

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The Suicide of Rachel Foster (One-O-One Games): February 19

A mystery game where you’ll return to the family hotel to unveil a dark past.

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DreadOut 2 (Digital Happiness): February 20

A third-person game with Indonesian horror elements.

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Dota Underlords (Valve): February 25

Auto-battler combined with Dota‘s characters, Dota Underlords is also a very rare new title from Valve. The game was part of Steam’s early access program but it’ll have its official release (and the beginning of season 1) this February.

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Wasteland Remastered (inXile Entertainment): February 25

One of the great classics from the late 80s, Wasteland wowed PC gamers with a post-apocalyptic landscape and a gritty story. You’ll get to experience that once more in Wasteland Remastered which touts updated visuals and audio, controller support, as well as a fully illustrated storybook (complete with full voice acting).

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Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection (Capcom): February 25

This trove of games includes four Mega Man Zero titles as well as Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent.

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Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance (Paradox Interactive): February 25

Use covert operatives and spy rings to infiltrate and wreak havoc behind enemy lines, or bolster collaborators as an occupying force.

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Broken Lines (PortaPlay): February 25

Set during World War II, this tactical RPG uses a “pause and play” system where you issue orders to your units, and subsequently going ahead with those commands will let the action play out.

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Beautiful Desolation (The Brotherhood): February 26

A 2D isometric adventure game featuring a post-apocalyptic landscape with jungles and “tribal punk” twists.

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Bastide (MedievalNexus): February 26 (Early Access)

Combining city-building and resource management, you’ll need to help your 13th century village survive and prosper in the harshness.

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Foregone (Big Blue Bubble): February 27 (Early Access)

An action game in the vein of Dead Cells and Blasphemous, with some elements that Diablo and Dark Souls players will be familiar with.

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Overpass (Zordix Racing): February 27

Bring your UTVs and ATVs and prepare for some off-road racing.

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Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders (Blueside): February 28

Engage in an all-out war between two factions in this epic hack-and-slash RTS. Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders originally launched for the Xbox 16 years ago, and it’ll finally arrive on PCs this month.

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (Koei Tecmo): February 28

The latest in Koei Tecmo’s long-running strategy series will have you controlling thousands of Chinese officers and warlords as you lead them on the path of conquest. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV releases in January 2020, but English localization won’t be supported until the end of February 2020. This is considered the release date for western audiences.

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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (Bandai Namco): February 28

Form your favorite team of heroes and villains and reign supreme in this battler based on the anime series.

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Bloodroots (Paper Cult): February 28

A colorful hack-and-slash title where you get to use the environment to take out your foes.

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Are there any PC game releases in February 2020 that you’re excited about? Let us know.

Note: All release dates are for North America.

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