Keep your creepy mansion free of meddling kids with this contest for MachiaVillain.

    What’s better than setting up deadly traps to ward off horny college teens, nosy neighbors, and inquisitive police? Doing all of that in a video game where the main objective is to thwart any and all intruders, and getting points for doing a good job!

    Enter our contest for MachiaVillain and keep your spooky manor free of anything good and pure.


    MachiaVillain, the only game where you can kill mostly-innocent home intruders and harvest their body parts for weapon upgrades, has just released electrifying new content. I’ll let Good Shepherd Entertainment tell you all about it:

    MachiaVillain’s new update adds electric fields to your hellish homestead that can be used to power new tools and abilities. Set up alarms, jam mobile phones to keep victims from calling for help, and wield the Finger of Evil to zap enemies or give a boost to your minions.

    Inspired by the classic tropes of horror cinema and games like Dungeon KeeperMachiaVillain lets you build the macabre mansion of your dreams. Assemble a menagerie of monsters, set deadly traps and lure your next-door mortals inside for your minions to feast upon. Use leftover dismembered body parts and other environmental resources to craft new items and keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures and wily monster hunters.

    But beware: even masterminds must obey a code of honor. To become the most frightening menace in the neighborhood, you’ll have to slay by the rules – target victims when they’re alone, keep the virgin alive until the end, and never, EVER hurt the dog!

    If you let the virgin die, how will I keep bringing you awesome contests? I mean, how will he do that? I’m not the virgin. Nope, not me.

    How To Win

    To enter to win, use the widget below the drop your name and email address. You can repeat daily for additional chances to win. For bonus entries, follow PCI and Good Shepherd on Twitter and share our contest post with your friends.

    While you’re waiting for results, comment below telling us your favorite ghastly trap to take out unsuspecting college kids. I like to put a Four Loko at the end of a fishing line, and when they grab it to chug someone calls their mom who looks very, very disappointed in them. It’s a classic!

    We have ten Steam keys to give out, and our winners will be drawn on Monday, February 11.

    MachiaVillain is available now on Steam!

    Contest: Win A Steam Copy Of MachiaVillain

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