Control Photo Mode

Ever since its release during the late summer, Remedy Entertainment’s Control has enthralled many gamers. And the fun isn’t likely to end soon, as the developer has a hearty roadmap of content ahead. Along those lines, Control Photo Mode is just about ready to drop.

The developer confirmed the update on the PlayStation Blog, and it will be available for all versions of Control starting on October 16. It’ll be available through the Options menu and let fans take the pictures of their dreams (or their nightmares).

Community manager Vida Starcevic explained the following about Control Photo Mode:

With its Brutalist hallways, big open spaces and strange things creeping in from other dimensions, Control has a very striking aesthetic. Every Sector of the Bureau has a unique look and color palette. Not to mention that Jesse’s supernatural abilities can leave a devastating effect on the environment and the Hiss-corrupted enemies. Considering all these strong visuals, there was no question that a Photo Mode was something we needed to do for Control. It’s a chance for you to express your creativity, and put your mark on the world we’ve built by capturing the moments that matter to you.

What can you do with Control’s camera?

The following features are listed as being available with this new mode:

  • Roll the camera by degrees while pointing it at the same subject
  • Broaden or tighten the Field of View
  • Change the Focus Distance
  • Adjust the Aperture and determine the depth of field

There’s also a Filters tab, where characters and UI are removable and 10 different filters are available.

On top of that, Remedy also teased another new mode for Control set to drop before year’s end, Expeditions, “in which Jesse will need to complete different objectives within a set time to get powerful rewards. But be on your guard – every Expedition that Jesse undertakes will come with different modifiers that make the encounter extra tricky.”

Control is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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