Silhouette, “billed as the world’s first gesture-based video game […] without the need for any controller” has been given some preliminary details, screenshots, and a rough date.The game is under development at Softkinetic’s newly formed game development arm, the imaginatively titled Softkinetic Studios, which is apparently comprised of people who worked on titles including Outcast and its ill-fated sequel Outcast 2, Alone in the Dark, and “I’m Alive,” which I would imagine is Ubisoft’s I Am Alive.The game in question has the working title of Silhouette, and it promises a “rhythm gaming experience” in which “players’ body movements control the gameplay entirely.”It sounds fairly simple – each challenge is musically driven, and has the player’s avatar move towards walls. Players move and contort their bodies in order to move and contort their avatars in a similar way, and get their avatar through the gaps in the walls.The music sounds like it’ll tie into the gameplay somewhat, with “added depth for experienced gamers of music and dance games,” although that could also mean “games that are played by doing something other than tapping the system-specific controller.”The game itself is due out in the second half of 2010, but there’s bizarrely no information on a system. Right now, considering the game seems to run on Softkinetic’s tech, we’d wager it’s PC – but we don’t see why it couldn’t be ported to the 360 for use with Natal, or other systems following the release of an appropriate peripheral. We’ve dropped them a line, though, and we’ll let you know if we find out.Check out the screenshots of the surprisingly pretty game below.

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