Coral Island: How to complete the Mythical Dream quest

How To Complete The Mythical Dream Quest Coral Island
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Getting the Mythical Dream quest in Coral Island can be tricky when it doesn’t clearly tell you how to complete it.

You’re probably in the same boat after getting stumped by the ‘?????’ step of the quest, which can be a mystery to figure out. Here’s a guide on what to do in the Mythical Dream quest.

Mythical Dream quest guide in Coral Island

How To Complete The Mythical Dream Quest Coral Island Shrine
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The first instance of this quest happening was on Spring 7 of Year 1, where you have a strange dream guiding you to visit one of the shrines on the island. If you’ve ever noticed those large tree shrines with writing you can’t decipher, try reading them again. After interacting with one, you’ll suddenly notice a strange creature appear, and suddenly run off in a fright.

This is when the game gives you the ‘?????’ quest task, which may be confusing to some players. Luckily, you don’t have to chase after the creature, simply go about the rest of your day and wait till the 8th day of Spring. You’ll have another vision of a once blocked-off area being fixed.

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How To Complete The Mythical Dream Quest Coral Island Cherry Blossoms
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Walk outside and check your mail. You should see a letter from a Chieftan, who asks that you come visit them. Simply walk to the left and you should already see swirling cherry blossoms. Following them will have them guide you to your destination, which is west of your farm.

How To Complete The Mythical Dream Quest Coral Island Spell
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Once you make it to this new mysterious area, a cutscene will start, and the Chieftan appears. After casting some sort of spell on you, they’ve now given you the ‘Third Eye’ ability. You can now decipher and read the once unknown language written on the shrines.

The next steps of this quest has you visiting the Lake Temple and restoring it to its once former glory. This is the end of the Mythical Dream quest, and you’ve gotten through the confusing parts of it. Now that you know how to complete the Mythical Dream quest in Coral Island, you should check out our guide on all the Museum Artifacts!

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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