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The prices of many PC gaming components have been going up lately, so we’re doing our best to bring the deals to you. Today, we found a 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 DDR4 memory kit. This deal is available on Newegg, and if you apply the coupon code listed on the product page, you can get it for just $70 USD before tax.

That’s not too shabby for a brand like Corsair. The Vengeance line comes with an aluminum heat spreader for better cooling and performance, not to mention great looks. It’s also a low clearance model, so you shouldn’t have compatibility issues with most CPU coolers. Furthermore, 16GB is still all you really need in terms of capacity for an ideal gaming experience. As far as speeds, 3200MHz still matches the Intel 11th gen memory spec as well. Ryzen owners can of course opt for 3600MHz to get a few more fps, but unfortunately, the 3200 kit is the only version on heavy discount for today.


It’s also important to understand that this is a basic Corsair Vengeance memory kit. There’s no fancy RGB, and the memory timings are a tad bit higher than other products on the market. If you’re intent is to go into esports games and get the minimal amount of latency possible, you will need to shell out a good bit more for that little bit of extra performance.

This is a Newegg Shell Shocker, though, so the point is to provide value. If you’re just looking for decent memory to do some gaming, this is a great deal. And considering the high prices of graphics cards, you might need to save where you can elsewhere.

Should you buy DDR4 in 2021?

It’s perfectly fine to invest in new DDR4 memory even though DDR5 kits will hit shelves in the coming months. Not only will DDR5 be expensive when it first arrives, it will also be very basic. Memory kits are all designed around a universal spec set by the JEDEC organization.

This spec ranges from standard to high end configurations with each generation. Over time, manufacturers work towards making affordable kits with better performance that reach towards the high end of the specification and beyond. Just like DDR4 started slower than DDR3, the same will generally be true for DDR5.

This means you are safe to invest in DDR4 still. It will be a few years before DDR5 is affordable and worth the upgrade for gaming applications. If you just get something basic like this Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200, you won’t feel too invested in your old kit either.

Corsair Vengeance Ddr4 Lpx 16gb Memory Ram Kit Cheap

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