Corsair jumps into the gaming monitor space with the Xeneon 32″ 1440p 165 Hz display

Corsair Xeneon Gaming Monitor Reveal 1440p 165 Hz Web

Corsair is a brand well known for its ever-expanding catalog of gaming peripherals, and that trend continues today. Corsair revealed the Xeneon, its first gaming monitor, a 1440p 165 Hz 32″ unit that packs in plenty of competitive features. The focus for the product is clearly on image and build quality, and it has a high price to match. If you’ve long awaited the day to fill your desk space with all things Corsair though, you can finally do that.

As silly as this may sound, one of our favorite things we immediately noted about this product is the logical naming scheme. The Xeneon 32QHD165 describes the product perfectly, unlike the insanely hard to remember (and subsequently hard to recommend) models from other brands.


Naming aside, it seems like a good first effort from the company. The Xeneon targets the rapidly growing market for high refresh 1440p displays and adds in HDR400, a contrast ration of 1,000:1, support for 16.7 million colors, a color gamut rated for 98% (DCI-P3), 100% (AdobeRGB), and 100% (sRGB) plus Quantum Dot tech for added accuracy. The display is a standard 165 Hz that doesn’t require overclocking, and it offers up to a 1ms response rate in its fastest mode or 3ms if you prefer emphasis on fidelity over response rates.

Additionally, the Corsair Xeneon gaming monitor is rated for FreeSync Premium and supports G-Sync. You can control all of the settings via iCUE or use the physical joystick located on the back side of the panel housing. The Xeneon is built for integrations, so it has a thin bezel for multi-monitor setups, support for custom panel mounting, a mounting point (threaded) on the top of the stand for peripherals like cams or microphones, and a cable routing system. You can also adjust the viewing angle and height as needed.

Corsair Xeneon Gaming Monitor Reveal 1440p 165 Hz 3 Web

Can it set sail with that price?

The Corsair Xeneon sounds like a great gaming monitor until you get to the pricing, which is $799.99 USD. That’s hefty for gamers, even if it knocks it out of the park with features. If you look at it from the perspective of a professional content creator though, the image quality and features are priced appropriately. Corsair does include a three-year warranty with a zero dead pixel guarantee, though.

There’s no mention of speakers or RGB, which is surprising for a name like Corsair. However, this is just the first display from the company. More are likely to come in different resolutions, sizes, and feature configurations with price tiers to match. Still, the Xeneon sounds like a great first effort from Corsair to facilitate the company’s Elgato peripheral ecosystem. It’s also likely the beginning of another rivalry between Corsair and Razer, which is also breaking into the gaming monitor market with its THX-certified Raptor.

You can learn more about the Corsair Xeneon on the company’s website.

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