Cris Tales

Time-bending JRPG Cris Tales delayed until early 2021

The future is not now.

Cris Tales is a beautifully illustrated JRPG in development by Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK and will be published by the independent Modus Games. The game blends turn-based combat with the ability to slide through time to create a truly unique experience. However, fans eager to get their hands on Cris Tales will need to wait a little longer because, the game has just been delayed until early 2021.

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Cris Tales was scheduled for release on November 17, so the delay means players need to wait at least a few more months. Hopefully not longer than that. Delaying a game is always hard for a developer, but if it means a better product for the player, it’s the right call.

Christina Seelye, CEO of Modus Games, had this message for fans, “The decision to delay was a tough one, but was made to ensure that the developers at Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK have a chance to bring the best version of Cris Tales to fans anxiously awaiting its release.”

As a small consolation for the Cris Tales delay, there’s a new trailer for fans to enjoy. It reveals more of the game’s time-jumping story and lets you get to know the characters a little better.

Reach into the future

“We are a very small video game development studio located in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Cris Tales is the biggest project we have ever worked on, and we want to get it right,” explains Carlos Rocha Silva, CEO of Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK, in a developer message. “We want to make sure to earn all the love you’ve all shown in our events, demos, previews and so much more.”

Silva goes on to explain the difficulties of creating the world of Cris Tales. The game is constantly jumping between three different time lines. So, the team needs to create different versions of the same characters and backgrounds for each one. Essentially, Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK are making three games in one. You can hear more from Silva, as well as some of the Cris Tales developers, in an AMA on Reddit on October 16 at 3 PM ET. The Reddit AMA will be followed by another one of the Cris Tales Discord.

The announcement of the Cris Tales delay coincides with the beginning of pre-orders for the game. Players who pre-order Cris Tales will be gifted a bonus game poster. I assume this will be digital because mailing physical posters around the world will be far too costly. You can place your pre-orders on Steam. That’s also where you can download the Cris Tales demo if you haven’t tried it yet.

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