Croteam punish pirates with a stuck elevator in The Talos Principle

Croteam are back with another game breaking anti-piracy measure to stop the thieves.

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First it was the indestructible scorpion in Serious Sam 3 and now it’s being a stuck in an elevator in The Talos Principle. Pirates are finding themselves stuck in an elevator which halts their progress in Croteam’s latest title which came to light on the Steam forums when someone asked about the issue. Whoops.

A post on Steam highlighting the “problem” has since been removed, probably to make life harder for anyone who has pirated the game and looking for answers.

The Talos Principle

WTF! Stuck!

Talos Principle 1

A message for the pirates.

I do love these sneaky anti-piracy measures. my favourite being Game Dev Tycoon where pirates suddenly found the games they had created in the game being pirated and they failed to make money from sales.

Here’s that Scorpion in action in case you missed it when it was discovered in Croteam’s Serious Sam 3.

Thanks NeoGaf.

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