Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Release Date

Grand strategy fans will probably rejoice come September because that’s when Crusader Kings III finally releases. You can check out the story trailer below:

Crusader Kings III: From story to realization

For the uninitiated, Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy title that takes place during the Medieval Era. The previous game, Crusader Kings II, has managed to wow many long-time players of Paradox Interactive’s titles due to a combination of strategic depth, roleplaying, and dynasty building. Crusader Kings III promises more of the features fans have known and loved once it releases on September 1, 2020.

For starters, it’s going to go big right from the start. A chunk of the globe from the British Isles to the jungles of India and the plains of Central Asia will be represented on the world map, now with more provinces than you can shake a stick at. As such, you won’t need to worry about needing DLCs just to see new lands, at least from the get-go.

Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Release Date World Map

We’ll also see the usage of schemes and plots, as well as your trusty councilors. These mechanics were part of the previous game, but your cunning machinations and management of characters will be even more integral to your success this time around.

Perhaps the biggest change to Crusader Kings III, however, is none other than character lifestyles and perks. In the past, you’ll get these simply by way of random events or decisions, as well as the choices you’ve made when selecting an ambition. Now, you’ll be looking at a “skill tree” of sorts that’ll confer boosts and help you fine-tune a character depending on your whims. Of course, the end goal is to give you more freedom to explore and roleplay based on what you want from a ruler and the dynasty that you’ll slowly form.

Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Release Date Skill Tree Ambitions

As mentioned earlier, Crusader Kings III launches on September 1. You can already pre-order it via the official website or Steam for $49.99.

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