Crytek have released two optional patches for the PC version of Crysis 2, adding DirectX 11 support and new, high-res textures.
    If your graphics card can handle DirectX 11, this ‘Ultra Upgrade’ will show you the wonders of “Tessellation and Displacement Mapping, Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra” and perhaps even more things that I don’t quite understand. It’s not a total bust for DirectX 9 users either, as the same patch adds “real-time local reflections and contact shadows”.
    As mentioned, there’s also a separate high-res texture patch being offered at the MyCrysis site which “provides higher texture resolution for a wide variety of assets”.
    For both of these patches, you’ll need a powerful enough PC with a compatible graphics card. Grab them at the source link, below.
    Here are some sexy comparison shots for you to play spot the difference with:

    Source: mycrysis.com

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