Crysis 4 Revealed Teaser Trailer

The last mainstream release in the Crysis franchise was Crysis 3 in 2013. However, in recent years Crytek’s first-person shooter has seen somewhat of a comeback with Crysis Remastered and the Remastered Trilogy. But it’s today’s confirmation that Crysis 4 is in the “early stages of development” which signals that Crysis is back for real.

As posted by Crytek CEO Avni Yerli on the official Crysis website, the fourth installment in the series is in the works. Its reveal came alongside a teaser trailer on Crytek’s YouTube channel. As with most teaser trailers, it doesn’t tell us too much, but the confirmation of a new Crysis game alone is exciting regardless.


While the game is labeled as Crysis 4, it’s currently a working title. The actual name of the game will be revealed down the line closer to launch. Speaking of launch, this is an early announcement so there are no details regarding a potential release date. Although, given the language used in the blog, anything before at least 2023 seems unlikely.

In addition to the Crysis news, Yerli also gives a nod to Hunt: Showdown, a multiplayer FPS released in 2019. He states that his team has “great things planned” for the series, so fans should keep an eye out for news in the future.

What to expect

With it being such an early announcement, we know very little about Crysis 4. Despite this, there is something we can predict based on the franchise’s history. Or at the very least, we can take an educated guess as to what fans can expect.

PC gamers familiar with the classic “But can it run Crysis?” jokes will know that this franchise is all about visual fidelity. Crysis games are often developed with the future in mind and still hold up for years after launch. Given this, a new Crysis game would probably follow this trend and make the most out of modern technologies like ray tracing.

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