Crystal Dynamics are not ruling out creating further games featuring a young Lara Croft.

The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, due 5 March 2013, features a young Lara Croft and a story that shows us her first adventure and how it came to shape the person we know from previous games. The series’ global brand director Karl Stewart, who recently spoke to IncGamers, has said that this is the studio’s first chance to define their own Lara Croft and are using this game as the an opportunity to set their own path for the future.

When asked specifically about whether that means we’ll see young Lara in future games, Stewart said:

“I can’t really talk about that too much right now, because we’re focused on this game. As you can see from what we’ve done with this game, though, we’re really setting a new foundation for what we want to do in the future and who we want Lara to be.

“We’re bringing a personality to Lara that will allow us to be able to branch out in many different directions and achieve something we’ve not been able to achieve before. We inherited Tomb Raider from Core and we really just continued the story that they set-up. This is our chance to define her future.

“Whether she gets older… that’s unknown at this point. Possibly.”

We’re rather impressed with what we’ve seen from Tomb Raider cira 2013 and, frankly, are a little bummed that it’s been delayed until next year.

Read our full interview with Karl Stewart.

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