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Daemon X Machina is Epic Games Store’s free game next week

They dodged the Jet Stream Attack?!
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What’s better than a free game? That’s right, a free game that’s also kind of new. Really big emphasis on the kind of for this one. Daemon X Machina launched on Switch in September of 2019, before coming to Steam some months later in February of 2020. It’s a fast, flashy, anime-esque mech game that I enjoyed a fair amount back when I reviewed it. However, the game is now coming to the Epic Games Store. On top of that, and much more surprising, is that the game will be the EGS free game of the week when it relaunches.

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Set your calendars for January 27, which is a week from today. Daemon X Machina will be free for the taking as soon as the current game, mind-bogglingly clever puzzle game Relicta, is done hogging the spotlight. Man, it’s only January and EGS has already given away some damn fine titles. The game was developed by Marvelous and produced by Kenichiro Tsukuda, who used to work on the Armored Core series back when FromSoftware wasn’t killing people for laughs. Actually, those games were pretty hard in their own right. While this game isn’t exactly like those, it’s very easy to see the similarities.


Daemon X Machina is good, and getting it free is better

Daemon X Machina is set in the future where mankind is at war with a vicious AI known as Immortals. But humans have, as they are wont to do, evolved to go up against this threat, leading to new types of people known as NewTy-er, Outers. Not a Gundam game, sorry about that. These Outers pilot Mobile Sui-nope, did it again. They’re called Arsenals. They are not Mobile Suits! They have a mohawk und a vheelchair. You create your own character and become an Arsenal pilot to fight off the Immortals, all the while listening to all the anime drama that comes with such things. What am I fighting foooooor?

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There are occasional on-foot missions too. You’re stealing a mech in this one, which is a little rad.

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