Monetization In Dark And Darker

With the end of the playtest and the wide success of Dark and Darker, the team at Ironmace opened itself up to answer some of the more pressing questions. The Tarkov-like, hand-to-hand combat style of the game took the internet by storm as people hacked and slashed their way through ghouls, ghosts, and each other. One question on everyone’s lips was the possibility of monetization in Dark and Darker. Read to see what the future holds for the team.

Monetization in Dark and Darker came up repeatedly throughout the interview. Many questions tried to get more information about just how much there will be and its effect. Very little information was given as to what it will look like as “it has not yet been fully decided.”

The case for monetization in Dark and Darker is heavily debated in Discord, causing rifts between players. When asked to justify the decision, Ironmace replied: “Game sales alone can’t cover the cost of running servers on an ongoing basis. We need to generate revenue at a level acceptable to our players.” Most importantly, the team promises there will be absolutely no pay to win element.

Monetization in Dark and Darker is likely, but that’s not all

The interview took its time and the developers paid due attention to the avalanche of questions coming their way. Among the most heavily covered topics was the way in which the team planned to deal with cheating and projected classes and enemy systems.

If you have played Escape From Tarkov in the last few months, you will know how much of an issue cheating is. Combatting cheaters is always a priority of any online games team. With a fair field, the game stays fun.

Monetization In Dark And Darker 2

Screenshot via Steam

As to the development of classes and enemies, I think we should be looking forward to the Bard class. When asked about the functions of the Bard, they stated you can perform “music with your instrument. Musical instruments are played directly by the player through control. The result will depend on how the player plays” Step aside, Guitar Hero.

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