Dark Souls’ lead dev now From Software President, entire company gets shakeup

Congratulations are in order for the lead developer of Dark Souls, as he has just gone up to become the president of Dark Souls’ parent company, From Software.

To be specific, we’re talking about Hidetaka Miyezaki, who was head of development on both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. The prior president Naotoshi Jin, has taken a backseat role as an advisor, similar to Bill Gates in Microsoft.

In fact, in light of From Software’s acquisition by Kadokawa Games, almost the entire management lineup has been switched around. We’re sharing that for you below.

Chairman (new): Yoshimi Yasuda
President (new): Hidetaka Miyazaki
Senior Managing Director (unchanged) : Masanori Takeuchi
Company Director (unchaged) : Eiichi Nakajima
Company Director (new): Jouji Sakaguchi
Company Director (new): Kentaro Sasaki
Company Director (new): Tatsuo Sato
Executive Officer (unchaged) : Takeyuki Suzuki
Executive Officer (new): Youzou Kojima
Auditor (new): Yasuaki Takayama
Advisor (new): Naotoshi Jin

Image courtesy 4Gamer by way of Siliconera.

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