Dark Souls Remastered Contains Bloodborne And Demons Souls Maps

Dark Souls Remastered contains Bloodborne and Demons Souls maps

Its never going to get old seeing what people manage to tease out of games as they mess around with their files because often modders will stumble upon something bizarrely fascinating hiding inside a games deepest darkest recesses. For today’s curiosity as reported by Kotaku, map files for the Upper Cathedral Ward from Bloodborne and the introduction area of the Boletarian palace from Demons Souls. According to one of the modders responsible for finding the Demons Souls map, Lance McDonald, these files were left in during the original development of Dark Souls.

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It’s a very interesting find and one that also raises questions about why this content was left in the games files-Bloodborne was probably being tossed around conceptually even as Dark Souls was being made, but content from Demons Souls is a bit more odd. The discoverer of the Bloodborne map, Dropoff, also decided to put the map for Bloodborne into GTA V allowing vehicles to be driven along its ramparts-because internet-and allowing Trevor to get as close to the eldritch horrors of Lovecraft as he’s probably going to get barring some incredibly bizarre DLC or incredibly devoted modders.



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