June 22nd, 2017

Darkly scanned: Dark Matter coming mid-October

darkmatter 2013-09-18 16-06-06-60

Iceberg Interactive have announced that Dark Matter, Interwave Studios’ 2.5D Metroidvania-ish survival horror title, will be hitting Steam (and retail, in western Europe) in mid-October.

Dark Matter didn’t do tremendously on Kickstarter but it presumably showed enough promise that Iceberg Interactive picked it up for publishing. Peter certainly enjoyed what he played of the game – which sees you exploring a dimly-lit, alien-infested spaceship from a side-on perspective – which is usually a pretty good indication that a game is worth your attention.

So, if you fancy some space-based side-on horror, mark mid-October on your calendar. And if your calendar doesn’t have a “mid-October” section, maybe just circle the entire month in red.

A batch of new screenshots follow.

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