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Dataminers Believe Diablo 4 Is Bringing Back This Theme For Season 4

The return of the Iron Wolves?

With the introduction of the Public Test Realm – PTR – in Diablo 4, two things have happened. First, players have praised the state of the game with all the balance, itemization, Helltide, and The Pit of Artificers changes and inclusions.

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Second is that dataminers and regular players alike have unveiled some clues and assets on what could be the theme of Season 4: the Iron Wolves.

Diablo 4 Season 4, The Season of the Iron Wolves?

While the Iron Wolves do appear in their encampment in Diablo 4, Dataminers have picked up quite a lot of content that will suggest the inclusion of the Iron Wolves and Iron Wolf-themed gear in the PTR version of Diablo 4. First of all, they have found a new version of what appears to be the Iron Wolves emblem.

Iron Wolves Emblems

However, the the most important piece of information in my opinion is the information unveiled regarding Iron Wolves items and gear. These are the following:

Datamined Iron Wolves gear for Diablo 4 Season 4

Iron WolcvTotemA tool for mental focus, crafted by the Iron Wolves from demon corpses salvaged in Helltide.[1,337 – 2,005] Damage per Hit
1.10 Attacks per Second (Fast)
+[28 – 42] Willpower
Iron Wolf BootsBootsSturdy and flame-resistant, for those who would stand toe to toe against the Hellborne.Attacks Reduce Evade’s Cooldown by 0.8 Seconds
Iron Wolves Messenger BootsBootsLightweight treads worn while rallying forces against the Helltide.+2 Maximum Evade Charges
Iron Wolf MedallionAmuletThis medallion is personalized for each Iron Wolf and is granted only to those of great valor. Rarely is one crafted for an outside ally of the Wolves, in thanks for their heroic service.+19.0% Resistance to All Elements
Reclaimed Medallion of the Iron WolvesAmuletThe shattered medallion you delivered to Soudeh has been expertly reassembled and burnished to gleaming. Rarely are such emblems given to outside allies of the Wolves, in thanks for heroic service.+19.0% Resistance to All Elements

On top of that, thanks again to the dataminers, there is an NPC called Soudeh who reportedly will be one of the main Iron Wolf characters during Season 4, being the one character that will guide and interact with us throughout the season’s content. Iron Wolves reputation will also revolve around Soudeh and the mercenary group in general,

In-game hints regarding the Iron Wolves

Finally, we have some in-game hints included in the PTR version of Diablo 4 that further support all of these data unveiled by dataminers. These revolve around Helltide, with enemies dropping “Wolf’s Honor” and some events relating to the Iron Wolves (e.g. “Assist Ironwolves”).

Diablo 4 Iron Wolves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

All of this is a step above mere speculation, so we will have to wait until May 14, 2024, to see if all the discussion around Diablo 4 Season 4 becomes a reality. Will this be the season that will see the return of the Iron Wolves glory from their current stale state? We will find out soon enough. However, if you want to see the Iron Wolves hints by yourself, I suggest giving Helltide a chance. It is extremely fun now and yes, you will certainly die if you are not careful.

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