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With Halloween arriving in exactly two weeks, players have a wealth of new horror game releases to play in time for the holiday. But those who want to experience a different kind of horror from the usual — one involving deep-sea creatures rather than ghosts or unsightly abominations — can pick up developer Mintrocket’s Dave the Diver. Now, to be clear, Dave the Diver is not meant to be a horror game, but that will hardly matter to those with an acute fear of the deep. Whether you want Dave the Diver for the potential horror or simply to experience a unique deep-sea adventure, you can pick it up once it dives into Early Access on October 27.

Interestingly, Dave the Diver features two distinct sides to its gameplay loop: one involving underwater exploration and another that sees players managing a sushi restaurant. Naturally, when swimming through the deep ocean, players will encounter all sorts of underwater inhabitants both big and small. Some will act friendly toward players, but others, particularly the big boss creatures, will treat players with as much hostility as you’d expect. Collecting equipment to boost your defenses against these creatures will become necessary to stay alive and continue exploring the ocean’s ancient artifacts.


Adventures cannot happen without a living

Players can use the ingredients they gather from underwater exploration to craft delectable sushi to sell at their restaurant. If you satisfy customers and make enough of a name for yourself, you may end up receiving a special customer. Additionally, the more money you raise through your restaurant, the deeper you can explore.

Dave the Diver presents all of this through an aesthetically striking blend of 2D pixel art and 3D models. Just from the trailers, Dave the Diver holds plenty of promise, and hopefully, it will fully live up to that promise after it gets past the Early Access stage

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