Daymare 1998

The survival horror genre has evolved over the years. Some games opt for a slower pace to play off of tense moments, while others might go full-boar when it comes to action and violence. However, there are a lot of fans that most associate the genre with the original Resident Evil installations. Invader Studios was previously hard at work on a Resident Evil 2 passion project. Since then, the team has switched routes in its development process, opting instead to create Daymare: 1998. And today, that project launches on Steam.

Going back more than a decade

When it comes to Daymare: 1998, instead of being one or two main protagonists, the game has three. This allows a story to unfold with three different viewpoints, also similar in style to Resident Evil 2, with its slight variations in Claire and Leon’s experiences. The latest trailer (seen below) introduces this third protagonist, that being Raven.

You might also be surprised to find that the game has been in development for more than four years. The developer notes, “This is a very emotional moment for us, and we are more than happy to pass Daymare: 1998 into the hands of the gamers. ” They also go on to say, “The process we endured was very difficult, but we enjoyed every moment of it.”

The project that never was, that also was

Four years for a video game isn’t exactly a long development cycle. However, the team did have a different project in the works prior to Daymare: 1998. That project was an unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake, titled Resident Evil 2: Reborn. Capcom finally made a move in 2015 to produce its own remake project, prompting Invader Studios to change gears. Many of those traditional survival horror mechanics, though, found their way into Daymare: 1998.

Daymare 1998 1

Daymare: 1998 launches today on PC via Steam. If you’re wanting to at least give the game a try, there is a free demo now available on its official Steam page. The game was developed by the team at Invader Studios, also consisting of team members who previously worked on Resident Evil 2. Another studio, Destructive Creations, collaborated on the project to make this particular launch day possible.

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