First I’d like you to help us place the background in DC comics chronology, which is very complex. When does DC Universe Online take place?Yes, the chronology of comic book storylines can be incredibly complex. On top of this, we have the added difficulty of having much longer development cycles than the comic book folks. For example, the comic book lines might typically be planned out a year in advance, while MMO development times can be four times longer. To resolve this issue, we plan to start with an ideal slice of the DCU, where the world is in its pristine, classic state.

We have already seen Batman, the Joker, Superman and… Lex Luthor? How will you handle the vast choice of famous characters found in DC Comics? Are they all there in the game, at launch, or will you introduce them slowly over time?Our license covers over 100 iconic characters from the DC Universe. We definitely want to include as many of the big name heroes & villains as possible, but the final list of launch characters will depend heavily on the backstory we’re creating with DC writer Geoff Johns.

We know of the two big places: Gotham City and Metropolis. What kind of environment can we expect other than the obvious urban locale?The DC Universe is huge… there’s literally a whole universe to pick from. Obviously, we can’t build it all for launch, but we’ll definitely create various non-urban environments to support the backstory.

Community is important in MMOs and consequentially there are guilds and clans. Is there going to be something similar and are they called something else in the DC Universe?While we don’t have specific details on this yet, we do plan to provide players with mechanisms for this. Right now, we’re calling them Leagues for heroes and Legions for villains.

Having to think of a gameplay that works with a PS3 controller must be difficult. Has this proved to be more challenging than anticipated, or is a controller enough for the complexities of MMO games on consoles?At its moment-to-moment core, DC Universe Online is an action game. So, it is actually a very natural fit for the PS3 controller. So far we have received a lot of positive feedback from players, and are pretty happy to hear comments on how easy it is to pick up and play.

How important is it to be the first big MMORPG on a console? Is there really a underlying competition?This game is going to be awesome. For the first time, we are blending moment to moment action gameplay with month to month MMORPG. On top of this, you will be able to step into the DC Universe and define your legacy against some of the greatest heroes or villains ever created.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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