Dead by Daylight Stranger Things outfits

Behaviour Interactive has just revealed the Moments of Growth Collection for Dead by Daylight, which introduces new outfits for The Demogorgon, Nancy, and Steve from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. The new outfits can be equipped to the three major characters in the Stranger Things chapter of Dead By Daylight. You can purchase them up from the in-game store now.

Nancy Wheeler gets the Days of Rose outfit. It includes the Elegant Simplicity head – a sweet pulled back hairstyle that will take you back to the early days of Stranger things. Before everything in Hawkins, Indiana went crazy. Nancy’s Days of Rose outfit also includes the Rose Cardigan and Indiana Skirt. A perfect combination for a demure budding journalist.


Steve Harrington’s new Dead by Daylight outfit is High School Hunk. Another throwback to a normal time in Hawkins. It features Steve’s signature hairstyle, The Harrington. Also known as the mane event. Steve’s new outfit is completed with the Polo Strong shirt and Autumn Khakis pants.

Dead By Daylight Netflic Stranger Things Outfits

Wrapping up the collection of new looks is the main monster from Stranger Things, The Demogorgon. It gets the Geo Mutation outfit, which features stony outcrops growing from its monstrous body. The three items that make up the outfit are the Rock Jaw, Armored Plate, and Crag Claw.

Dead by Daylight meets Stranger Things

If you haven’t yet experienced the Stranger Things chapter in Dead by Daylight, you’re missing out. The map is set in the Underground Complex below The Hawkins National Laboratory, which fans of the show will be very familiar with. As you might have worked out from the new outfits, you can play the killer as The Demogorgon. You can also play as the hopeful survivors, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.

You can check out the original Stranger Things chapter release trailer below to see exactly what you’ll be in for. There have also been some quality of life updates since the chapter’s initial release.

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