A slip at the GDC has revealed that Dead Rising 2 will feature multiplayer, as well as zombie hordes of unprecedented number.IGN were clearly paying attention during a panel regarding the making of Dead Rising 2 at the recent event, as Laura Scholl, product manager of Mental Mill, gave out some news we haven’t heard before.Scholl stated that Dead Rising 2 will be capable of tracking at least 800 separate clothing textures, in order to give the sense that zombies are unique – and with the technology they’re using, players could experience as many as 6000 characters onscreen during multiplayer sessions.We’re assuming this doesn’t mean multiplayer will support 6000 characters, but this does appear to confirm that Dead Rising 2 will feature multiplayer. And, let’s face it, 6000 zombies on screen at once is a gargantuan number.We’ve previously gleaned a fair bit of information from a podcast, so if you want all the news on Dead Rising 2, check out that reveal.UPDATE: It appears that Dead Rising 2 may not have multiplayer after all. We spoke to Capcom UK, who told us that they had no comment to make. Laura Scholl issued a statement stating that she “mistakenly referred to the game as multiplayer instead of multiplatform.” So, for now, it’s back to being unconfirmed.

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