We’ll get an early look at Dead Space remake via a livestream tomorrow

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It was a bit of a shock when Dead Space, the beloved IP that EA left to die after the lukewarm response to the game’s action-oriented, co-op third entry, was revealed to be getting a remake. Work on the title is still early on, so I wasn’t expecting to hear much for quite some time. But the surprises don’t stop coming, as we’ll be getting a closer look at the game tomorrow with a special developer livestream. I hope you’re ready for Necromorphs to once again haunt your very dreams, because I know I am.

If you want to check out the livestream for Dead Space, it’ll start up at 1 PM EST on Motive Studio’s Twitch page. There isn’t any info on what exactly we’ll see during the livestream. But the tweet announcing it only says that it will be a “very early look” at development, so there’s clearly still quite a ways to go. Motive Studio was founded within EA in 2015 and subsequently assisted with the development of Star Wars Battlefront II. The team then developed Star Wars Squadrons, which was quite well regarded. That leaves a fair amount of hope concerning the Dead Space remake, as the developer clearly has some skill.


The Dead Space remake is getting a livestream tomorrow

If that’s not enough Dead Space for you, it’s always worth mentioning that the series co-creator is still hard at work on The Callisto Protocol, a spiritual successor set within the PUBG universe. Overall, 25-30 former members of the defunct Visceral Games are working on that title, so, if this livestream goes well, then fans will have two games to look forward to as opposed to just the one.

As to whether or not diehard fans will be accepting of this remake, that remains to be seen. All I can say is that I’m still surprised they didn’t just remaster the game with new textures, as the original has held up quite well.

Dead Space Official Teaser Trailer – Ea Play Live 2021 0 51 Screenshot

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