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Prepare your pee bottles and get ready for another delivery, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will release on March 30 for PC. That’s some good news for fans of Hideo Kojima’s oddball delivery exploration/child-shaking game. The second part of the news may be good or not so good, depending. Those who already own Death Stranding on PC can upgrade to the Director’s Cut, but it doesn’t come free. Luckily, it’s also not that expensive.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut can be seen as the best version of the former PlayStation exclusive. It comes with a variety of updates, like a photo mode, a racing minigame, an expanded story, and much more. Much of the foundation remains the same, however. In the game, you play as Sam Bridges, brought to life by actor Norman Reedus. You travel across a destroyed United States of America, rebuilding connections lost to time and the mysterious creatures known as BTs. You can survive by either avoiding these monsters, or use bottles of your own pee to scatter them. Yes, it’s a Kojima game.


For those who own Death Stranding on PC, the Director’s Cut upgrade is available for a small fee. Whether you own the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store doesn’t matter. You can upgrade your version on either for “the discounted price” of $9.99 USD. Save files will transfer over, so you can pick up where you left off if you got bored of the game half-way through. Just like I did. If you don’t own the game and can’t upgrade, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will release for PC in March for $39.99 USD.

Death Stranding Director's Cut Pc Release Date March Upgrade Details

Baby-shaking simulator on a discount

Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale begins today, and publisher 505 Games has announced a discount for the base game. It’s on sale now for 70%, coming in at $17.99 USD. The sale runs until February 3, so you have some time to decide if you want to commit.

“As legendary porter Sam Bridges, roam the remnants of an America ravaged by the Death Stranding, a phenomenon rife with mysterious explosions and supernatural events,” reads the game’s description. “Deliver hope on a journey westwards and defy humanity‚Äôs extinction. The definitive Director’s Cut enriches the groundbreaking adventure with an expanded storyline, new stealth missions, combat abilities, equippable items, buildable structures, cosmetic options, and much more.”

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