Deathloop The Complex Power Station Tidevarv Station Horizon Radio Silence

Deathloop: How to access the Power Station in The Complex (HZN)

Hello, Dharma Initiative.

One of the earliest leads you’ll receive in Deathloop is called Radio Silence. It appears that Julianna doesn’t want you to snoop around in the Power Station (which means that’s exactly what we’ll do). Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you unlock the Power Station in The Complex.

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Note: For more information, check out our Deathloop guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.


Deathloop guide – How to unlock the Power Station in The Complex (Radio Silence quest)

The Complex (morning)

The Power Station is underneath the Control Center in The Complex. The Control Center itself is right across from Wenjie’s lab. The doorway to the Power Station will only be open when it’s morning. So, make your way there and check the terminal and other documents.

You’ll see several pictures of other facilities in Blackreef. There’s even one that’s on the floor above you.

Deathloop The Complex Power Station Tidevarv Station Horizon Radio Silence 1

Anyway, head downstairs to spot a lot of Eternalist soldiers. If you brought a turret along, you can deploy it so it mows down your foes.

When you’re done, take a look at the two generators in the area.

Deathloop The Complex Power Station Tidevarv Station Horizon Radio Silence 2a

These generators require a battery. When the battery is inserted in one generator, push the button to give it a bit of power before getting tossed out. You can actually pick it up and recharge it. It can then be used for the other generator.

You’ll find a couple of batteries and a charging station in the Control Center. Likewise, there’s a charging station in the connecting room from where the generators are.

Deathloop The Complex Power Station Tidevarv Station Horizon Radio Silence 2b

With the generators online, head back to the terminal in the Power Station (the one with the pictures of other facilities). There are four buttons here, but the three can’t be accessed yet. Instead, just press the button for Tidevarv Station. Go to the floor right above you.

This lobby has a door marked “HZN.” It refers to the Horizon group, a mysterious organization that discovered some of Blackreef’s secrets. You can enter this door now to reach Tidevarv Station. I don’t know about you, but this is giving me Dharma Initiative vibes from Lost.

Dthlp Rdsil Qs Gd 1 Pow 1

Inside, you’ll learn about some of the research and tests conducted by Horizon in this area. This includes a test flight using something called the Rakyetoplan.

Likewise, there’s a document here that tells you about the Horizon Archival Office in Updaam. You should go there in the afternoon.

Dthlp Rdsil Qs Gd 1 Pow 2

There are other HZN bunkers that we can access as we progress in Deathloop. However, we need to use the generators each time. That means returning to The Complex every morning to see what we can discover in other locations.

You can learn more in our other guides pertaining to the Mysterious Door in Updaam and the HZN stations in other zones.

Dthlp Rdsil Qs Gd 1 Pow 3

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