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Deathloop has been getting great review scores across the board, including right here. It currently has an 88 on Metacritic, making it one of the best-reviewed games of the year so far. But the PC version of Deathloop seems to have a bit of a problem with stuttering, with a few possible fixes. As of right now, the game is sitting at a 61% Mixed rating on Steam. Taking a look at user reviews, there’s a clear pattern as to why. While attempting to play the game, both micro-stutters and larger stutters appear, grinding gameplay to a literal halt. It’s not limited to people with weaker rigs, either, as people are seeing this happen even on an RTX 3080.

My PC uses an AMD 5700 XT and I’ve seen my fair share of stutters. While it certainly isn’t an always thing, I’ve had play sessions marred by it. I’ll just be walking along and the game will freeze completely. This can last for over a minute. I always alt-tab out and check to see if my entire computer locked up too, but nope — it’s just the game itself. I’ve had as many as three of these in one play session, which can make playing through Deathloop aggravating at times. Granted, I’ve only had it happen in Updaam, for what it’s worth.


Deathloop has a bit of a problem with stuttering, here are some fixes

As for potential fixes, Steam user UnL1k3 has some potential workarounds that might be able to help players reduce instances of this stuttering. These include limiting your framerate to 60, only utilizing VSync via your GPU brand’s control panel, and turning on low-latency mode. Their final solution is to turn on FSR, but only if you don’t mind the game being blurry. Some players are noting that this isn’t the first time one of Arkane’s games has had this occur, as Dishonored 2 also has some noticeable problems on PC.

Let’s just hope a patch fixes Deathloop‘s stuttering so that our time can repeat without freezes.

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