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When the original Death’s Gambit came out on PC in 2018, it earned a fairly modest reception from critics. That all changed with the 2021 release of the Death’s Gambit: Afterlife expansion, which added a wealth of new content and fixed many of the original game’s issues. Critics responded much more positively to this version of the game, which no doubt gave developer White Rabbit the confidence it needed to expand the title further with new DLC.

The first major DLC for Death’s Gambit: Afterlife, titled Ashes of Vados, will become available on February 10, and it will have a 35% discount off of its base $7.99 USD price throughout its launch week. According to a press release, Ashes of Vados will implement a conclusive ending to Death’s Gambit’s final story arc in the form of a new boss battle featuring “a drastically different heroic boss variant.”


What’s the DLC all about?

The DLC will include an Arena mode, boasting horde battles and a boss rush as well as a new platforming challenge stage, all of which will put players’ skills to the test. For those who want a bit more variety in their runs, it will add game modifiers that significantly change the game’s variables. Some of the options on offer include randomized items and a hardcore mode. Extrinsically motivated players may be happy to hear that each of the DLC’s new challenges will provide a set of rewards upon completion.

This new DLC for Death’s Gambit: Afterlife looks like it has quite a bit to offer, and players who may have felt burned out by the base game may want to try this out. Of course, since Ashes of Vados seems to mainly focus on offering challenging scenarios for experienced players, those who have not touched the game in a while may want to brush up on their skills a bit before diving in.

Death's Gambit DLC Vrael

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