Deceit Halloween Event 2021 brings new cosmetics, progression system, and scares

Deceit Halloween Event 2021 Cosmetics New Progression System

The multiplayer, co-op survival horror game Deceit is still going strong four years down the line. And, as a horror game developer, World Makers couldn’t resist bringing another spooky event, since it is, well, spooky season. The Deceit Halloween Event returns once more for 2021, bringing new cosmetics to claim and a new progression system to discover. You can also collect candy during matches, because of course there’s candy.

The new progression system in Deceit is the Labyrinth. It comes with plenty of unlocks and rewards for making your way through, such as special perks and buffs for your loadout. Within the Labyrinth you can collect Token Shards, and getting ten of these will earn you a Booth Token that can be immediately spent. As far as gameplay is concerned, the Labyrinth is like a puzzle game, where completing one level will make way for a more difficult puzzle. There are 100 levels in all, with daily challenges for additional goodies. Some of those goodies include perks, such as Untracked, Field Medic, and Stake Out.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes. The Deceit Halloween Event 2021 includes plenty of cosmetics to discover. You can see some of them in the new trailer below. Naturally, you can get the mad scientist with an exposed brain, a leisure suit devil, or a green-skinned witch. There’s also a guy who looks like he survived a car accident only to end up in a spider next. I’m… admittedly not the biggest fan of that costume. The only person with a spider on their head I want to see is Spider Jerusalem, and this guy ain’t it. Regardless, there are 32 new cosmetics in the game. The costumes from last year’s event have been added to the Vault.

Gettin’ creepy

The Deceit Halloween Event 2021 begins today and will last until November 8. That should be plenty of time for Deceit players to get their fill of the spooks and scares before it’s time to think about pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie. And other pumpkin-related things. Today’s update also adds some changes and improvements, so get the entire story at the game’s Steam page.

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