Denuvo DRM has been cracked

denuvoThe Denuvo piracy protection system has been unravelled by hackers after two weeks of work.

Denuvo is the latest piracy protection to hit the world of PC gaming and it’s done a reasonable job with games such as FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen, and more recently Dragon Age: Inquisition. These games have enjoyed a piracy free existence but it looks like that could all change. 3DM has managed to crack the DRM after two weeks of working on it and a lenghty post on their site indicates it has not been easy:

“After 15 days of work, the 64bit version of Denuvo has been cracked, this hints at FIFA 15,DA:I, and Lords of the Fallen being ready for release in the near future.”

The developers of Lords of the Fallen admitted there were performance issues when the game launched which were attributed to the Denuvo DRM system. This then raised further concerns when it was rumoured that GTA V would also utilise the same DRM. This was later denied by Denuvo.

With Denuvo having been circumvented, cracks will start appearing for Lords of the Fallen and EA’s titles will be next on the pirates hit list, especially Dragon Age: Inquisition which appears to have been the motivation behind beating the Denuvo system. Although this has been seen as a breakthrough by anyone opposed to DRM, this hack is by no means complete because of the way this circumvention works which 3DM explained in a further post.

“We would like to emphasize that we need to collect a variety of different purposes of computer hardware information, simply because Denuvo 64-bit encryption machine needs to detect a variety of hardware information on your computer”

What this means is that any crack would be specific to the hardware in a PC  and they need to gather information from lots of different setups to try and create a complete working solution.

It was thought Denuvo might survive a little longer than it has but if someone really wants to crack a protection system then it’s likely going to happen at some point. It remains to be seen how Denuvo will respond.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Norasuko

      Seems like good news for people in the countries where EA simply decided not to launch the game and people that like to mod or avoid Origin.
      Though seems like DA didn’t have as many bugs as Lords of the Fallen and FIFA 15, apparently. Personally I had a couple of consistent crashes to desktop and loss of sound and control sometimes that demanded restarting. and the framerate is subpar, but that’s pretty much it.

      • jojo

        Yeah I had same problem of crashing to the desktop. And most time if I decide to skip the cutscene some of the map will not be rendered correctly. Hope they can fix it. Still a good game though

      • theIntern

        Yeah, I’ve also had CtDs. And almost every time it’s happened in the Character Creator. My Nvidia drivers crashes for some reason.

        In-game, though, there’s been only two CtDs for over 100 hours of play time.

        And sometimes (rarely, more like) the sound effects are out of sync, like a few hundred ms behind. Only the first time it’s used, though. That’s never happened to me before.

        • Norasuko

          I’m about 30 hours in — For me a consistent crash was when I went back a save and then tried to skip through a couple of cutscenes, one of them would always crash me back to desktop (silently, no error message or anything), did it 3 times, then I just let the cutscene play and it went ok.

          The sound glitch happens a lot with alt-tabbing, it goes totally mute for me and requires restarting the game to fix, kind of a hassle.

          • theIntern

            Huh… You run in fullscreen or borderless? I run borderless. The Nvidia drivers crash silently for me (IIRC), forcing me to terminate the .exe. Only reason I think it’s the Nvidia drivers is because I need to restart Firefox too. Probably due to its HW acceleration.

            • Norasuko

              I play borderless. In my case the nvidia driver error doesn’t pop up for Dragon Age, so I imagine in my case that is not the problem. But it did on every crash on Lords of the Fallen.

              Then again, Dragon Age, for the moment, is perfectly playable — Lords of the Fallen, however, got impenetrable after a point with a boss battle that would ALWAYS crash about 5 minutes in.

              • theIntern

                That’s something, at least. Wonder when the first patch hits…

    • lazerbeak

      ha didn’t hold out that long then

    • MT Silver

      I think what Jeff Goldblum said about dinosaurs apply just as well to pirates:

      • Norasuko

        True that, Jeff…

        Though, seriously, I don’t know if I like to be called a pirate if all I want is to circumvent stupid extra software like Origin.
        A good example is recently buying Anno 2070 on Steam and having to download install and update Uplay (and run it parallel to steam) in order to play it. The service was unavailable and kept crashing not letting me play.
        So I re-downloaded Anno 2070 cracked from a torrent site and in 10 minutes there I was playing it with no problem.

        Since DA Inquisition has no online gameplay benefits to me, if I had the chance, I’d instantly crack it after buying just so I wouldn’t have to rely on Origin to launch and keep it.

    • Taher

      Let’s take inventory. Has Denuvo really been a great system as said above?

      – FIFA 15 releases uncrackable, protected from pirates. It sells about the same as FIFA 14 though. Where is the dramatic spike in sales from all the previously “lost sales” that should now be coming in? Somebody tell me, where are they?

      – Lords of the Fallen releases uncrackable. With no pirates to decrease the sales, surely this must score much higher than other games which are pirated to heII and back, right? FIFA fans might just all be so loyal they’ve always been buying the game. But no such luck. Isn’t it like 10 pirates to every 1 sold copy on PC? Wasn’t that what Crytek said? WHY DOESN’T THIS SELL 10 TIMES AS MUCH AS OTHER GAMES THEN??! I just don’t understand. Why aren’t we seeing these “lost sales” not being lost anymore? Where’s the incredible profit after shutting down the filthy pirates?

      – Dragon Age Inquisition releases uncrackable. Despite no pirates hurting this, it sells about as expected. It doesn’t even manage to top the charts anywhere though. Games that have cracks out for them and are being pirated are still outselling this one. How on earth is this possible?

      – Denuvo is said to introduce severe performance problems. Now that is regrettable but I guess that is something paying customers just have to live with, to have the satisfaction of knowing that no filthy pirates are playing the game which they paid for.

      – Denuvo is said to wear out SSD much faster than regular use programs. Well, if this proves to be true, at least the developers have all that sweet dough they made from not losing so many sales to pirates. They’re gonna need it to deal with all the incoming lawsuits.

      Okay, enough with the jokes. I’m ultimately glad this thing came around because it finally dispelled this narrative we’ve been hearing all these years about lost sales. This idiotic lie that if only the option of piracy is removed, suddenly they would see much higher numbers of sold units. Well, thank you Denuvo for finally proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that, this tale is simply not true.

      But why isn’t it the case? I think the answer is pretty obvious but I’ll break down what I believe is the reason by typecasting the different kinds of pirates and pirate/consumer hybrids.

      1. Poor Pirate
      ?Pirates everything, simply doesn’t have the money to be buying games, often times lives in a not so well off country, probably unemployed and barely scraping by. Can’t spend money he doesn’t have on uncrackable games.

      2. Punishing Pirate
      ?Pirates to punish publishers and developers he holds a grudge against. This person only buys games from people he wants to support. They somewhat irrationally will still play and enjoy certain games from devs or publishers they hate but they won’t give them money for this. EA is a popular target of this practice.

      3. Testing Pirate
      ?Pirates everything first, then buys it if he likes it. This person isn’t actually a pirate, they just don’t accept that there aren’t any demos anymore so they use piracy to demo games to evaluate if the game is worth it. Won’t spend money on an uncrackable game before testing it at a friends or lending it.

      People will generally buy what they like when they can. DRM has no influence on that. Even if every game out there came with uncrackable DRM forever. I sincerely doubt that there would be significantly more sales. On the contrary, sales might actually go down. It would probably be great for lending services though because they would suddenly be really popular again.

      • Hail Skidrow

        I can’t agree with you more
        Protection Softwares like Denuvo is only there to bother those who actually pay for the game. surely there is no shortage of games for pirates when they can’t play let’s say for example FIFA 15 they turn to PES 15 and so on and nothing really change for them.
        And on the other hand it is really stupid to do something like this only to those who have PC instead of Consoles. They suffer these stupid protections while consoles versions can be copied easier than anything in this world.
        I hope this news is true.
        Come on guys piracy cannot be stopped and even if it can there will be no change for game developer because a pirate (me included) will never ever pay for a game even if he/she has all the money in the world.

      • Bender

        LOL this guy just copy/pasted someone else’s post from DSOGaming’s comments section. Idiot.

      • Dooshe Nozzle

        “People will generally buy what they like when they can. DRM has no influence on that. ”

        There are many users on GOG, who wait to buy (from GOG) DRM-free versions of games they want to play, who would disagree with this statement. You did get one thing right though:

        “- FIFA 15 releases uncrackable, protected from pirates. It sells about the same as FIFA 14 though. Where is the dramatic spike in sales from all the previously “lost sales” that should now be coming in? Somebody tell me, where are they?”

        That’s because there *weren’t* any lost sales. The “lost sales” argument is simply corporate bullshit spin; an excuse given to paying customers why they are forced through fiery hoops, backwards, on one leg, blindfolded, in order to use the software for which they purchased a license.

    • RemyDelite

      DRM in general has been proven time and time again that it hurts the paying customer, and when these DRM’s are crack the pirates end up getting the superior/better version. It has also been proven that pirates have little to no impact on sells like music, video games, etc. If your product is good, it’s going to sell, if it not, it won’t, simple as that! Piracy has no control over that! I don’t know why these execs keep beating this old drum. especially the video game industry smh…

    • Bender

      It hasn’t been cracked until a release is on TPB. Until then its just trolling and wild claims. And 3DM? LMAO, they’re a crappy P2P group of chinese wannabe hackers. The BS factor is even higher with this one.

    • gab4moi

      I’m shocked! Shocked I say! No, like, really, well…

    • USMC03Vet

      Just more reason for publishers to require online server connections.

      For the 5 people with legit drm complaints out there you can thank scumbag pirates.

    • Not good enough

      There is no DRM that can not be cracked deal with it

      DRM solutions are just useless garbage and resource hogs and does not stop pirates they always crack them sooner or later

      Companies are wasting their money with DRM they should follow the GOG model