Destiny 2: Beyond Light — Entropic Shards, Stasis aspects, and the Creation glitch

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Entropic Shards Stasis Aspect Feat

The Creation zone glitch

We’ll have to go to Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s Bray Exoscience zone for the final Entropic Shard. The door that leads to it is currently disabled, and we don’t know when Bungie will add a quest that takes us there.


Anyway, our goal is to reach the cavernous area that leads to the Eternity zone.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1a

From here, look at the metal rods. You can use these as platforms to reach a ledge. Likewise, you can use your Stasis grenade or Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher to create a ledge made of ice.

Reach the ledge and go behind it. You’ll notice that you’re now outside the map.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1b

Next, reach the ledges at the side of the building. You can still create ice platforms to help you out.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1c1

Once you’re on the rooftop, you need to make your way to the left-hand side of the next structure by using the beams.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1d1

You should be able to climb on the side of the next structure with ease.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1e1

From here, make your way to the very end while you’re still glitching outside the map.

The idea is to see “Creation” pop up on your screen to imply that the new area has loaded.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1f

Once you see “Creation” appear, backtrack a bit to the previous structure.

There’s a ledge here that you can drop down to that brings you back inside the actual map.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1g1

Just keep going forward while marveling at the sights.

When you reach the large, high-tech room, you’ll notice a walkway with a green circle.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1h

The ninth and final Entropic Shard is actually floating in mid-air just beyond that. After destroying it, you’ll complete the “Studying Darkness” triumph.

Okay, we got a bit sidetracked here. Remember our main objective, getting our first Stasis aspect in Destiny 2: Beyond Light? We’ll let’s go ahead and do just that. It’s time to commune with the Darkness.

D2bl Creation Glitch 1i1

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