Destiny 2 Beyond Light No Love Lost Exotic Ghost Shell Exo Stranger Logs

No Love Lost is an exotic ghost shell that you can obtain in Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s Deep Stone Crypt raid. To do this, you’ll first need to find all Exo Stranger logs inside the raid itself. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Deep Stone Crypt’s Exo Stranger logs and the No Love Lost exotic ghost shell

There are five Exo Stranger logs in various locations in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Obtaining all of these nets you the “Rock Bottom” triumph, itself a requirement for the most electrifying title in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, “Descendant.”

The first one is found just prior to the Crypt Security encounter. It’s right behind some metal crates at the corner of a room.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light No Love Lost Exotic Ghost Shell Exo Stranger Logs 1

The second one is in the transition area between the Crypt Security encounter and Atraks-1 boss fight.

Once you reach the large chamber with the Darkness statue, check the pipes above. Climb on top of those and you’ll see it at the end.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light No Love Lost Exotic Ghost Shell Exo Stranger Logs 2

The third and fourth Exo Stranger logs are found in the spacewalk/jumping puzzle area after beating Atraks-1. One is at the bottom of a set of circular walkways and the other is at the far edge just before you fight the Fallen brigs.

Lastly, the fifth Exo Stranger log is found after the spacewalk area and just before you start the Rapture/Crash encounter. It’s on top of a large generator.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take screenshots while grabbing these during a couple of Deep Stone Crypt runs. The good news is that you can watch the video below from YouTuber Ninja Pups to take note of these locations:

After you’ve found all five Exo Stranger datapads, check your triumphs page. You should be able to complete the “Rock Bottom” triumph and obtain the No Love Lost exotic ghost shell. Don’t forget to upgrade it so you can use multiple perks.

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