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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally live after a short delay. The expansion and its current season, the Season of the Hunt, takes Guardians to Europa to vanquish the renegade Fallen. It’s also on this frozen moon where players will finally be able to wield a fourth element: Stasis. This condensed form of Darkness acts akin to ice, so expect to freeze and chill enemies to death.

With lots of new weapons, armors, quests, activities, and even a raid to look forward to, you’re bound to have your hands full. Let’s just hope that we’re all able to log on since there are connection issues at the moment. In any case, here’s our guides and features hub to help you out.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Guides and features hub

General guides and features

Official review – After leveling up all three characters, how’s the progression and grind in Destiny 2: Beyond Light? Is the expansion worth your while? Or is the gameplay loop too monotonous to bear?

What’s new in Destiny 2: Beyond Light? – There have been many changes in this new expansion, somewhat of a do-over for Destiny 2.

Fang of Xivu Arath artifact – The seasonal artifact is a tooth from the Hive god of war, a sibling of Oryx and Savathun. It’s also got several nifty mods.

Leveling guide – We’re going to have to grind to reach the new 1260 PL cap.


Crux Convergence public event (heroic mode) – You’ve gotta turn mini-Insurrection Primes into scrap metal.

Variks’ Sabotage quests – Variks the Loyal is your friendly bounty NPC on Europa, and he’s got a lot of tasks for you to do.

Empire Hunts – These are missions that let you eliminate Eramis’ lieutenants. There’s also a weekly challenge that you can complete for a powerful drop.

Master Empire Hunts – Think of these as Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s equivalent of Shadowkeep‘s Master Nightmare Hunts.

Wrathborn Hunts – The return of an important character also introduces Wrathborn Hunts and the Cryptolith Lure device.

Weekly Exo Challenge – Each week, you’ll be able to do a short run in unique landscapes for a powerful or pinnacle drop.

Iron Banner and the Prophecy dungeon – These two activities are back and they have pinnacle rewards.

Dawning 2020 event – The holiday season is a time for baking cookies and grinding.

Deep Stone Crypt raid guide – Here’s our full raid guide for Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s high-end PvE activity.

Coup de Grace and the High Celebrant – Time to hunt down this giant knight.

Exotic quests and ritual weapons

Duality exotic shotgun and season pass – This exotic shotgun is immediately available if you have the premium season pass.

No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle – The Exo Stranger’s catchphrase-turned-exotic in Destiny 1 makes its return in Beyond Light.

Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher – Freeze your foes with a grenade launcher that’s so chill.

Adored sniper rifle (ritual weapon)Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s ritual weapon presents you with several options to obtain it.

The Lament exotic sword – Rev up your chainblade and go to town on your opponents.

Cloudstrike exotic sniper rifle – Let lightning strike your enemies.

Eyes of Tomorrow exotic rocket launcher – Make way for the new Gjallarhorn.

The Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon – My favorite exotic hand cannon from Destiny 1 finally returns.

Stasis subclass and perks

Stasis grenades and the Born in Darkness quest – You don’t want to be stuck with just that ice wall, so you might as well obtain additional Stasis grenades.

The first Stasis Aspect and Entropic Shards – You can empower your Stasis abilities with a new aspect.

Stasis Fragments focus quests – You’re not done because you can still obtain Stasis Fragments that give extra boosts to the subclass.

The second Stasis Aspect – Here’s the continuation of the Born in Darkness quest chain that lets you get your second Stasis aspect.

Note:  You can check out the content calendar for this season in the image below. Don’t forget that we’ll continue to add more guides and features as we progress further in Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the Season of the Hunt. Stay tuned and stay frosty.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Guides And Features Hub Calendar

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available via Steam.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light — The Duality exotic shotgun and the season pass

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