Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Entrance

Last Wish Boss Fight #1: Kalli


  • Kinetic – anything you’re comfortable with which can take out lots of mobs
  • Energy – Ikelos Shotgun
  • Power – Sleeper Simulant


  • At least one Hunter as Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig
  • At least one Warlock as Dawnblade using Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots
  • Titans should preferably choose Sunbreaker for Melting Point and wear Synthoceps

Recommended Power Level: 541+

Kalli is a fairly easy boss fight which simply requires some survivability and being able to hold your own solo against mobs. You’ll notice various symbols once you enter her room. These will be randomized each round, but first, you’ll need to communicate with your fireteam what you’d call these symbols. For our group we made the following callsigns:

Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Kalli Boss Symbols

Those are what we called the various symbols in the room. The important ones you’ll have to take note of are the pairs of symbols in the center of the encounter area near the pit. As you can see below, we’ve got “Eight,” “Infinity,” and “Twin-Head.” Only “Horns” was not paired up in the center.

This means that you’ll simply tell your team: “Everything except Horns.” Your teammates will then find the appropriate plate (except “Horns”) for them to stand on.

Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Kalli Room

When you stand on those plates, two-thirds will have a bomb that will slowly explode. You’ll want to be standing on the remaining one-third which does not have a bomb. While doing this, dozens of Taken thrall will also try to attack. Just take them out with your kinetic weapon, shotgun blasts, melee, or grenades.

Occasionally, Kalli will drop by on your plate to annoy you. She might attempt to laser you (which hurts) or knock you into the bombs (which will kill you). Just pelt her with shotgun blasts and avoid her ground hex attack.

Once you’ve played “the floor is lava” on your plate a few times, a Taken knight will spawn. You’ll need to shotgun or super the knight as quickly as possible because its attacks are deadly. Once you’ve killed your knight, try to help out your teammates who might be having trouble.

Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Kalli Boss Doors

DPS Phase

A prompt will then say that “Kalli is summoning an Ontological Weapon” — that’s your cue to head to the middle for the DPS phase.

Warlocks need to drop their Well of Radiance at the center of the pit while the rest of the team pepper her with Sleeper Simulant shots. Titans should go for the Melting Point but beware as her stomp attack can kill you.

When it says “Kalli readies her weapon” and her arms are raised, she’ll begin to wipe the team. To avoid dying, you’ll need to go through the six doors that will open right under her spot. There’s a catch though — only one person can occupy a room. Otherwise, if you have more than one person in that room the door will not shut and those players will die.

To avoid this, use what we call “the number system.” Assign each player a number from one to six. Check the doors from the top row first left to right, then bottom row left to right. Number one goes inside the first open door from the top, number two goes to the second open door, and so on. The doors that open are random but refer to the image below for one example (just imagine that the numbered doors are open):

Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Kalli Boss Doors Open

The doors will open again and there will be Taken psions in the pit so have your Nightstalker tether them to make orbs and regen their super. Damage Kalli once more. She’ll once again cast her wipe mechanic so, like before, go inside your numbered doors. Go back outside to kill psions and DPS the boss again.

The entire DPS phase lasts three rounds of shooting, going inside the rooms, killing psions, then shooting her again. After that, you’ll just need to find plates once more. Again, since the symbols are randomized you’ll need to call out which pair of symbols does not appear in the center — that will be the plate symbol that your team should avoid.


  • Activating the wrong plate will cause a high-level ogre to spawn in the pit.
  • Failing to activate the correct plate will cause a number of doors to not open at all.
  • After the first DPS phase, all plates are already activated and will have bombs charging. Be careful not to run inside these bombs as they explode. Step on a third of the plate that’s clear of nasty things.
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