Bungie will be issuing a hotfix patch ( for Destiny 2 on PC tomorrow, 6 November. This is apparently being introduced as a hotfix to, err, the previous patch ( which introduced some unwanted frame-rate “hitching” to the game.

There aren’t really any patch notes beyond that one, so that’s presumably all is going to address. Bungie have provided a few details about the patching process on this page, however. Update 6 Nov: It’s out, and the notes in full read “Fixed an issue, introduced with patch, causing periodic hitches during gameplay for some players”.

When the patch is released (they’re not specific about a time), Destiny 2 players might get bumped back to the login screen after completing an activity. That’s just to get you to download it, really. In addition, you might need to close and restart the game to get the fix.

Finally, if you try to form a Fireteam with somebody else who doesn’t yet have version, you’ll get something called “Error Code Sheep”. Sign-in from various companion services (apps and soforth) may go down while Bungie do the required maintenance too.

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