Destiny 2 Black Armory Izanami Forge Guide

Destiny 2 — Izanami Forge And The Le Monarque Exotic Bow guide

Another week and Destiny 2 has more content in store for players with its Black Armory DLC. This time around, it’s the Izanami Forge where you’ll be fighting against Vex. There’s a rather lengthy questline to unlock this location and, much like the other forges, you’ll need to unlock them per character if you want all your alts to make their way there. Here’s the trailer for the Izanami Forge activity:

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Destiny 2: Black Armory – Entering the Izanami Forge and getting the Le Monarque exotic bow

The quest steps were all compiled by Reddit user Nico3779. To kickstart the questline to unlock Izanami Forge, you’ll need to kill some Vex on Nessus. They’ll end up dropping the Vex Transponder quest item. From here, you’ll need to kill 100 Vex to find the signal’s origin. To speed up this step, just go in and out of the Artifact’s Edge Lost Sector.

Next, up, you’ll have to complete the Heroic “Spire Integration” Public Event in The Hallows. This is the one where you have to fully form the spire by standing on three separate plates (a throwback to Destiny 1’s Vault of Glass entrance). Good thing Nessus also happens to be the Flashpoint this week.

When this is done, you’ll need to kill Vex Minotaurs in different areas of Nessus although we’d suggest the Spire Integration event once more since a lot of Minotaurs spawn there. You can also check out the cave near the Exodus Black which spawns Minotaurs often. Finally, OneMythicalMan also suggests doing the “Release” Adventure in Nessus’s The Tangle zone which has four Minotaurs. Just wipe after killing them and redo; you should be done in no time.

When you’re done, you’ll need to trace the signal via a mission in The Hallows. This will take you to Izanami Forge which is locked down by Vex technology. After hacking the three confluxes with your Ghost, you’ll be pitted against another Forge Saboteur. Speak to Ada-1 once you’re done with this mission.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Izanami Forge Guide Vex

Igniting The Izanami Forge

It’s not going to be that easy Guardian, that’s because you’ve still got a long way to go. After speaking to Ada-1, you’ll have to repair the Izanami Forge Igniter. Instead of getting a Titan with hammers to do it, you’ll have to quest some more, sigh. You’ll have to complete the following Heroic Public Events in no particular order:

  • Spire Integration – Nessus, Io
  • Glimmer Extraction – EDZ, Nessus, Tangled Shore
  • Witches’ Ritual – Titan, Mars

After this, you’ll have to collect components:

  • Blended Ether – Fallen precision kills. Do this in the EDZ. This can, however, take a while due to each item only filling up two percent of the bar and RNG rates.
  • Radiolarian Vapor – A new mission on Nessus. You’ll just be destroying crystals to reach new platforms and hack confluxes.
  • Condensed Blights – Taken blights from Io Lost Sectors. Just do the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector in The Rupture. Alternatively, just destroy the ones in Public Events (much to the chagrin of people looking to complete them).

If you’ve made it this far just to unlock Izanami Forge, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the next quest step. That’s because you need to complete Volundr Forge once more to empower the device. Feel free to check out our Volundr Forge guide, and be sure to bring some bounties.

“But wait, there’s more!” says a late-night infomercial. Yep, there’s another quest step which involves completing a tougher version of the Insight Terminus strike. This is the one with the Cabal Psion boss that keeps booping you up. The modifiers are Void Singe, Grenadier, and Extinguish (dear lord, I feel bad for underleveled randoms). Find a competent team from your clan or via LFG and play it safe if you need to. Watch a solo run below from Destiny 2 pro Esoterickk:

Last but not least, you’ll also need to complete the Izanami Forge ignition. This is similar to the “mini-boss fight” that you encountered in Gofannon Forge. The bad guy this time around is a Vex Hydra surrounded by a couple of shield drones. When you’re done, report back to Ada-1 and you’ll have access to the Izanami Forge. Remember, you’ll need to complete all the time-consuming and painstaking steps above on your alts if you want them to ever step foot in Izanami Forge.

Izanami Forge Activity

Izanami Forge is unique in that it has one central “island” where the actual forge is and two floating islands off the sides. You can travel back and forth by way of catapult/jump platforms as you can see in the video below also from Esoterickk. Like Volundr and Gofannon before it, Izanami Forge also features waves of enemies. Bring a void weapon for Minotaur shields if you like. Vex will start teleporting in for the mob rounds:

  • Round 1 – The blue glowing guys are Goblins and Minotaurs
  • Round 2 – You’ve got Harpies and Minotaurs (again) as the glowy guys
  • Boss Round – The Forge warden/boss is the Vex Hydra you fought earlier. It doesn’t do anything fancy like the Servitor from Gofannon Forge. Yes, it will teleport a couple of times but that’s it. Keep pelting it with Whisper of the Worm, Sleeper Simulant, or Thunderlord and you should be done in no time.

Completing Izanami Forge is the only way to obtain two new Black Armory forge weapons from Ada-1. You’ll be able to grab a powerful bow (Spiteful Fang) and pulse rifle (Blast Furnace) if you get these schematics.

Secrets And The Le Monarque Exotic Bow

Don’t forget that you’ll be able to grab the next key for the Butterfly Lock. The floating shield drones which you need to destroy in round 2 can be found in the small “islands” on the side. Check out the video below from JDTonReddit:

Finally, players have also reported that they received the Le Monarque exotic bow as random drops from forge completions already. For now, we know that it’d drop if you have leftover Black Armory weapon frames from the previous week. Some, though, have said that it can still drop from Gofannon Forge or Izanami Forge regardless of having a leftover weapon frame.

We’ll definitely keep you updated as we find out more. For now, check out the Le Monarch in action courtesy of Mindgame18:

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