Destiny 2: Lightfall launch trailer signals the beginning of the end

Destiny 2 Lightfall Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Lightfall, Destiny 2‘s next expansion, is here. And it gives us a few more story details while setting up the next big villain of the story, The Witness. The trailer has everything you’d expect from Destiny 2, including stunning visuals and a few teases at what we can expect.

Lightfall is the next chapter in Destiny 2‘s current storyline that started all the way back with Shadowkeep in 2019. Since then, we’ve had Beyond Light and The Witch Queen. And each of these expansions carried the story further and brought us to where we are now. Lightfall is the seventh expansion for Destiny 2, and will undoubtedly set up some big things to come in The Final Shape next year.

Begin the fight against The Witness

We didn’t really know who the main villain was for the current Destiny 2 storyline until The Witch Queen. But it looks like Lightfall will finally bring us one step closer to them. The Witness is seemingly the most powerful enemy the Vanguard has had to fight up to this point. This is made clear through various moments in the launch trailer. For starters, The Witness is leading the Black Fleet, which is a massive threat. But then we also see our new villain strike several Guardians with ease.

Overall, the launch trailer for Lightfall is a markedly different tone to Destiny 2‘s usual stuff. Normally these trailers hype up the action that’s to come. But with Lightfall, Bungie seems to be preparing us for an expansion that might go in a darker direction.

This isn’t to say we won’t get some cool new additions, though. Lightfall features a brand new subclass called Strand. Like Stasis, Strand is a subclass that uses the power of darkness. One of its biggest features is a new grappling hook ability, which should shake up traversal in a big way. There will also be further refinements to systems like weapon crafting, a new bundle of exotics to collect, and balancing changes across the board,

When you can play Lightfall

It goes without saying, but Lightfall‘s launch trailer sets up some exciting things to come in Destiny 2. Lightfall will be available to play after Destiny 2‘s weekly reset on February 28. If you plan on hopping on as soon as possible, brace yourself for a lengthy waiting period. In the past, expansion launch days have been known to cause server problems with everyone hopping on at once. But before you even begin to play Lightfall, there’s still time to grab your pre-order bonus if that’s your thing.

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