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Destiny 2 Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph guide: How to get Trophies

Every item needed for the Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph and Collection Badge.

To earn the Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph in Destiny 2, Guardians need to collect “Trophies from the Pale Heart.” This guide delves into exactly what this means and how to collect every item (or “trophy”) needed to earn Pale Heart Pathfinder.

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How to get “Trophies from the Pale Heart” — Pale Heart Pathfinder Collection list

The Final Shape Collection Pathfinder Destiny 2
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To earn the Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph in Destiny 2, you need to collect every item in the Pale Heart Pathfinder Collection Badge. “Trophies from the Pale Heart” refers to the collection of The Final Shape gear needed to earn the Badge.

You can find your current Pale Heart Pathfinder Badge progress in the Collections tab, under Badges. We’ve also compiled a full list of every item needed and how to obtain them below:

ItemTypeHow to obtain
The First KnifeExotic ShipParacausal Geometries Triumph
Victorious OddmentEmblemComplete The Final Shape Campaign on Legendary
Wander OnEmblemTalk to Ghost after completing The Final Shape Campaign
Reaching WithinShaderUnknown (Likely Ghost reputation)
First Ascent Casque
First Ascent Helm
First Ascent Hood
Helmet“The Visitation” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Grips
First Ascent Gauntlets
First Ascent Gloves
Gauntlets“The Shadows” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Vest
First Ascent Plate
First Ascent Robes
Chest Armor“The Veiled” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Strides
First Ascent Greaves
First Ascent Boots
Leg armor“The Return” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Cloak
First Ascent Mark
Ascent Bond
Hunter Cloak
Titan Mark
Warlock Bond
“The Ascendant” Quest (Micah-10)
Khvostov 7G-0XExotic Assault RifleSecret unlock chain
Still HuntExotic Sniper Rifle“Wild Card” Quest
MicrocosmExotic Trace Rifle“Convalescence: Budding” Quest (Micah-10)
Khvostov 7G-02Assault RifleCollect all Encryption Bits from Regional Chests and Cysts
Pro MemoriaMachine Gun“Convalescence: Underbrush” Quest
False IdolsSword“Alone in the Dark” Quest (Cyst 4/6)
No HesitationAuto RifleObtained during The Final Shape Campaign
Bold EndingsHand Cannon“Alone in the Dark” Quest (Cyst 2/6)
Axial LacunaFusion Rifle“Alone in the Dark” Quest (Cyst 3/6)
SomedayShotgun“Convalescence: Rootbound” Quest
The CallSidearmObtained during The Final Shape Campaign
Embraced IdentitySniper Rifle“Convalescence: Greenery” Quest

How to get The First Knife

The First Knife Destiny 2
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The First Knife is an Exotic Ship unlocked by completing the Paracausal Geometries Triumph. Once the entire Alone in the Dark questline has been completed, Guardians can unlock Paranormal Activities, which appear on the Pale Heart’s map.

In areas highlighted with the Paranormal Activity marker, you’ll find Light (blue) and Dark (red) cubes. Shoot the Light cubes with Light damage and the Dark cubes with Dark damage. Complete all 12 Paranormal Activities to earn the Paracausal Geometries Triumph and earn The First Knife.

How to get Victorious Oddment and Wander On

The Victorious Oddment Emblem is awarded to players who have completed all The Final Shape Campaign Missions on Legendary Difficulty. It doesn’t matter which order you do them in as long as they’re all complete.

The Wander On Emblem is a reward for completing The Final Shape Campaign, including the 12-player Excision Activity. Talk to Ghost after you’ve dealt with The Witness to pick it up.

How to get Reaching Within

The method for obtaining the Reaching Within Shader is currently unknown, though it’s more than likely awarded as a Reputation reward from Ghost. Currently, Ghost is displaying Scintilliant Trajectory as a reward, with many believing that this should instead be Reaching Within. We’ll have to wait and see.

How to get First Ascent gear

Rather than being world or Activity drops, the First Ascent set is awarded from various Micah-10 Lost Ghost Quests. If you haven’t met Micah yet, she’s available to talk to you via Micah’s Conduit in the Pale Heart.

Obtaining one piece of armor will unlock its class variants automatically, so there’s no need to grab these on each of your characters. Here are the Quest names for every piece of The Final Shape’s First Ascent set:

  • First Ascent Casque/Helmet/Hood — The Visitation
  • First Ascent Grips/Gauntlets/Gloves — The Shadows
  • First Ascent Vest/Plate/Robes — The Veiled
  • First Ascent Strides/Greaves/Boots — The Return
  • First Ascent Cloak/Mark/Bond — The Ascendant

How to get The Final Shape weapons

Aside from The Call and No Hesitation, which are acquired through The Final Shape’s Campaign, most Legendary The Final Shape weapons are rewards for completing post-Campaign Quests from Micah-10. This includes the repeatable Alone in the Dark Mission, which unlocks a new Cyst with each attempt.

Below is every base The Final Shape weapon and the mission they’re awarded from:

  • Pro Memoria — Convalescence: Underbrush
  • False Idols — Alone in the Dark (Cyst #4)
  • No Hesitation — The Final Shape Campaign
  • Bold Endings — Alone in the Dark (Cyst #2)
  • Axial Lacuna — Alone in the Dark (Cyst #3)
  • Someday — Convalescence: Rootbound
  • The Call — The Final Shape Campaign
  • Embraced Identity — Convalescence: Greenery
  • Still Hunt — Wild Card
  • Microcosm — Convalescence: Budding

How to get Khvostov 7G-02 and Khvostov 7G-0X

As a blast from the past, both the Legendary and Exotic versions of Khvostov are available through a very long set of secrets. You can find our guide on how to obtain both Khvostovs in The Final Shape here.

If you’ve managed to complete the Pale Heart Pathfinder Badge, I salute you. Don’t stop there, though! Collecting the rest of The Final Shape Triumphs will earn you the rather impressive Transcendent Title for your hard work.

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