The Activision Blizzard financial conference call turned up a few bits and pieces of information about the title, some of which we reported earlier. Destiny 2 was also included questions and the end of the call.

    According to Activision Blizzard’s Eric Hirshberg, they are eager to finally bring the franchise to PC. PC players can also expect some extras.

    “So with respect to PC, which you asked about, we’re committed to delivering meaningful features that are bespoke for the PC community and I’m really excited about what we have to show for them. But I’m going to leave the details of those for our gameplay premiere event which is happening on May 18.”

    It’s a vague answer so we’ll have to wait to find out what exactly “meaningful features” relates to. It could be improved visuals, controls, or even content. May 18 is the day to mark int he diaries for more information on that. We’ll keep you posted.

    A full transcript of the call is now available on Seeking Alpha.

    Paul Younger
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