Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Crow Bounties Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades

The Crow’s bounties and Cryptolith Lure mechanics

Below, you’ll see the bounties given to you by the Crow. These only net you experience points, although the objectives can be done in any destination (unless stated otherwise).



  • Defeat four Fallen bosses with Stasis damage.
  • Defeat four Hive bosses with Stasis damage.

Note: Since the Fallen bounties require kills with Stasis damage, you’re better off running lost sectors. Otherwise, blueberries might steal your kills. For the Hive bosses, you could do the Altars of Sorrow public event on the Moon.


  • Defeat 30 enemies with pulse rifles.
  • Defeat 15 enemies with breech-loaded grenade launchers (kinetic/energy).
  • Defeat 10 enemies with power weapons.
  • Defeat 20 enemies with Stasis abilities.

D2bl Wrbr Crow 4

Charging and using the Cryptolith Lure

Open your quest tab to see the Cryptolith Lure. If you right-click on it, you’ll notice several upgrade nodes and mod slots.

Now, to fully charge the Cryptolith Lure, you’ll need to complete playlist activities such as strikes, Crucible matches, or Gambit matches. Each activity you complete nets you roughly 33%. Furthermore, you do gain a bonus to your progression depending on the playlist. But, this changes daily. For instance, on Tuesday, you gained extra progress in Vanguard strikes (i.e., precision kills and defeating bosses). On Wednesday, this applied to Gambit (i.e., banking motes and defeating majors). On Thursday, the bonus applies to activities in general (i.e., precision kills) and, believe it or not, patrol areas (i.e., public events).

In any case, once the Cryptolith Lure is fully charged, check the first mod slot (Prey slot), to see the possible options:

  • Prey Mod: Savek – Gauntlets
  • Prey Mod: HKD-1 – Chest armor
  • Prey Mod: Dul Arath – Legs armor; requires Improved Seeker I upgrade.
  • Prey Mod: Xillox – Friction Fire (kinetic SMG); requires Improved Seeker I upgrade.

After selecting a “prey,” you can then add a Weak Mutation mod and a Strong Mutation mod (more on these in a while).

Note: The rewards for all prey targets also change after each Wrathborn Hunt that you finish. As such, Savek might’ve offered gauntlets earlier, but you might see a class item, weapon, or Recon Data after one run.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 1

Anyway, since you haven’t gained any reputation with the Crow yet, you can only do Fallen Wrathborn Hunts for now. Upon reaching reputation rank 2, however, you should be able to obtain the Improved Seeker I upgrade that lets you battle the Hive Wrathborn Hunt targets. Just remember that for each Wrathborn Hunt that you plan on doing, you’ll need to have a stored Cryptolith Lure charge from playlist activities.

Likewise, take note of the rewards. At the moment, the Crow’s rewards net you a chance at two powerful drops for specific equipment slots. As such, you can plan ahead for a gear piece that might be lagging behind especially if you want to increase your power level immensely in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 4

We’ll discuss the Wrathborn Hunt process in a bit. For now, let’s talk about the Cryptolith Lure’s mods and upgrades that you can see on the Crow’s vendor panel.

Cryptolith Lure mods

These are purchased from the Crow’s panel, although some might drop while doing various activities or after completing Wrathborn Hunts:

  • Armor Trophy Mod: All-Around – Armor obtained from Wrathborn will roll with higher stats; costs 10,000 glimmer.
  • Trophy Perk Veto Mod I – Weapons obtained from a successful Wrathborn Hunt will exclude specific perks; costs 8,000 glimmer.
  • Trophy Mod: Handling – Weapons obtained from Wrathborn will exclude the handling masterwork; costs 8,000 glimmer.
  • Armor Trophy Mod: Recovery – Armor obtained from a Wrathborn will roll with a higher recovery stat bias; only five are available each week; costs 10,000 glimmer.
  • Trophy Perk Veto Mod IV – Weapons obtained from a successful Wrathborn Hunt will exclude specific perks; costs 8,000 glimmer.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 2

Cryptolith Lure upgrades

These are obtained from the Crow’s panel as you reach certain reputation ranks (increased via Recon Data tokens). They’re applied to the Cryptolith Lure once you’ve unlocked them:

  • Rank 1: Reputation Boost I – Increases the amount of recon data obtained from Wrathborn Hunts.
  • Rank 2: Improved Seeker I – Unlocks Hive Wrathborn Hunts.
  • Rank 4: Power Hunter – Increases the power level of rewards obtained from Wrathborn Hunts. The amount of weekly powerful Wrathborn Hunt rewards is increased from two to four; the Crow’s weekly challenge is upgraded to a pinnacle reward.
  • Rank 6: Reputation Boost II – Increases the amount of recon data obtained from Wrathborn Hunts (stacks with earlier upgrade); increases drop rate of Lure mods when completing non-Wrathborn activities.
  • Rank 8: Seasoned Hunter – Beneficial modifiers are activated in Wrathborn Hunts.
  • Rank 10: Mutation Mod Extractor – Increases the number of Mutation Mods obtained in Wrathborn Hunts.

Note: Regarding the “Power Hunter” upgrade, this is something you want to unlock as quickly as possible. The pinnacle reward applies to all characters, but the two extra powerful drops apply account-wide. If you grab the two extras on one character, your alts won’t be able to get them anymore.

All right, let’s go ahead and discuss the Wrathborn Hunts, reputation rank increases, and the Crow’s weekly challenge.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunts Cryptolith Lure Mods Upgrades 3

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