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Bungie has just revealed more news regarding Destiny 2‘s Year 3 content. As stated in their official blog, players will experience four seasons. This is in contrast to the three seasons from Year 2. In addition, Bungie is promising that the choices that seasonal characters make will shape and change the game world. Although the blog doesn’t state specifics as to how this will pan out, they did state that non-seasonal characters will see these changes as the world of Destiny 2 evolves throughout Year 3.

Another change is that players don’t have to own a Year 3 pass to jump into the season midway through. So if your crew is on Season 2 and you only want to play that season, you can opt to pay $10 for a single season.

Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact

Destiny 2’s Seasonal Artifact

Destiny 2’s Year 3 brings new Seasonal Artifact and Season Ranks

The new Seasonal Artifact will level up throughout the season, adding to your overall power. The Artifact Power will be account-wide, so it should be applicable to all of your characters. Similarly, the Artifact will let you unlock mods that can be socketed into your Armor 2.0 gear. Players can level up their artifact simply by playing the game and earning experience. Best of all, the Seasonal Artifact is free for all players. Of course, the seasonal Mods and Artifacts will reset at the end of the season, bringing a new set of Artifacts.

Finally, Bungie has stated that they’ve taken all player-types into consideration. For those who have families, full-time jobs, or just not enough time to commit to the game, Season Ranks is where players can earn experience in a variety of other ways. If you don’t have time to find a raid group or sink a ton of hours into the game, you’ll still be able to earn season-specific experience and gear. Seasonal Ranks will provide a straight-forward look at what you can unlock along the way. Much like the Seasonal Artificats, you’ll unlock Season Rank rewards simply by playing the game and gaining experience.

Just as a friendly reminder, there’s still plenty of time for PC players to connect their account to Steam. The official migration will take place in October, but players can connect their accounts now.

Destiny 2 Year 3 Seasonal Rank Rewards

Here’s the Season’s UI, showing rewards that players can strive for

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