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A second patch for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in as many days addresses release problems with mouse sensitivity settings, and issues with 21:9 displays. It should take the game to build 524.10 (you can compare this to the version number in the bottom right-hand corner of the launcher window to see if you have the latest).

According to the patch notes, there’s now a far greater range of mouse sensitivity settings, and the ability to set separate sensitivity on the X and Y axis. No mention of mouse acceleration, but it might be covered by those changes.

“Various issues” with 21:9 displays have also been addressed (I think these were problems relating to parts of the UI being off-set and appearing in the wrong places), as have “missing geometry” bugs in the Dubai tutorial level.

The M14 subway crash bug is not fixed in this patch, but it has been under investigation and a fix is said to be in QA. That’ll probably be in the next patch.

As with the other Nixxes Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch, the previous versions of the game can still be found in a beta branch if you wish to revert to earlier builds. Here’s what’s new and altered.

· Adjustments to the Mouse Sensitivity settings, which mean that you can now set sensitivity for the X and Y axis separately.
· Increased range of Mouse Sensitivity settings.
· Fixed an issue that could cause missing geometry in the Dubai level.
· Fixed an issue with player movement and running on stairs and sloped surfaces.
· Fixed various issues with 21:9 setups.
· Fixed an issue where the “Unmark All” prompt would stay on screen.
· Field of view setting now displays the angle used.

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