Developer Gaijin Games is now Choice Provisions

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Gaijin Games revealed a company rebrand, and are now known as Choice Provisions. Yeah, it is a weird name, and so is that logo.

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Here’s where they explain why they took Gaijin Games as a monicker in the 1st place, but have now decided to abandon it:

When Gaijin Games was founded in September of 2008, it was with the goal of creating the kinds of games we played in our youth. As it turns out, many of the games we grew up playing were developed outside of the US. This is what inspired us to brand ourselves as “gaijins.”

The name made sense, but it also carried somewhat of a negative connotation to it. No matter how you may feel about the word “gaijin” personally, I think it’s fair to say that some people out there view it as a negative term. Being the upbeat, positive folks we are, the last thing we wanted was for people to be offended by our name. We are but humble purveyors of video games, and the end goal of all the work we do is to make people happy.

Ergo, we’re changing our name to Choice Provisions.

Subsequently, Robotube, a dev studio they own, has also been rebranded to MiniVisions.

They also confirm Woah Dave! coming to 3DS, Vita, iOS, Steam, Ouya, and Fire TV, and Destructamundo coming to iOS and Ouya. And they revealed two upcoming projects, Laserlife for Steam and Tharsis for Steam and iOS.

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