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Devil May Cry 5 Tips – Grab The Devil By The Horns

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Devil May Cry 5 isn’t exactly a complicated game. You run through levels and hit stuff until the stuff stops being hittable. That said, there are still things that can aid in your experience with the game. So here are our tips that can supercharge your experience. Be forewarned, though, as this will contain some spoilers for various game elements and some minor spoilers on the final boss fight (don’t worry, though, I’m not revealing jack).

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Use Your Lock-On

Locking onto enemies in Devil May Cry 5 is a must. Many moves and abilities can’t be used at all without locking on. That includes Nero’s grabs and Dante’s teleportation abilities. Locking on also tells you how much health your foes have left. You need to use this so that you can eliminate them strategically in order to make it easier to fight certain enemies.

Don’t Stockpile Devil Breakers

You can be forgiven for hoarding devil breakers, but it’s definitely not necessary. Devil May Cry 5 gives you plenty that you can find throughout the levels, and they’re mostly inexpensive. Early on, I tried not to use them, as they’re very easy to break. You lose them if you get hit while one of their abilities is active or if you charge up one of their specials and use it.

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Double Up On Shadow And Griffon

Unlike Dante and Nero, V doesn’t typically get his hands dirty. If you want to deal with enemies efficiently, you need to use Shadow and Griffin in conjunction with each other, which translates to mashing their attack buttons simultaneously. Why damage enemies with just one of your helpers when you can be damaging them with both at once? Also, in case you didn’t know, Shadow and Griffon are based on enemies from the first game of the series.

Red Orbs Are Free

You can purchase red orbs for real money in Devil May Cry 5, but there’s no real reason to do so. Without spending a penny, you can easily get all the orbs you need. Beating a mission will easily earn you 20,000 or more, and you can replay them whenever you want. There is never a need to pay cash for more.

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Get Nero’s Air Hike Early

Nero’s air hike is expensive, so it’s understandable to be apprehensive about purchasing it early on, but it massively improves his dodge capabilities. Dante and V have much better escape capabilities than Nero, so having the ability to double jump is one of the best ways to avoid taking damage from enemy attacks while playing as him.

Upgrade Dante’s Trickster Style

One of the best things about Dante is the ease with which he can get around. His teleportation was one of my favorite techniques of his from DMC 3, and it’s no different here. But you can’t use it without upgrading his Trickster Style above default. If you want to dispatch enemies more quickly and get more attacks in, doing this can be a massive help.

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Use Nero’s Gun On Scissor Enemies

The masked ghosts with giant scissors are some of Devil May Cry 5‘s most annoying foes. And that goes double for Nero, as his sword isn’t all that effective against them. The safest way of dealing with them is to simply charge his pistol up and shoot them until their scissors break. This leaves them open to grabs, making them much less dangerous.

Nero’s Grab Is Identical To His Buster Arm

After beating the game, you unlock Nero’s grab ability. If you weren’t big on using the buster arm devil breaker, this seems like a game changer. But if you have, you’ll notice that it’s the exact same thing. The animation is identical, as is the effect. Therefore, once you have this ability, there’s no more reason to bring along the buster arm unless you just like the way it looks.

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Nightmare Can Break Walls

V’s levels have a few breakable walls that you can only deal with if you summon Nightmare. These aren’t always obvious, so it pays to call on him to check. Much like regular devil triggers, if you hold the devil trigger button you can call him back if the wall was, in fact, not breakable. That way, you don’t have to worry about wasting the ability.

The Final Boss Isn’t As Bad As He Seems

Dante’s final fight is the hardest fight that Devil May Cry 5 has to offer. If you’re having trouble with him and don’t want to use red or gold orbs to revive, remember that he’s only really vulnerable in the window after certain larger attacks. After he uses one of these and you dodge, simply teleport on top of him and hit him until he starts blocking. Also, if you mash trickster’s dodge, he generally can’t hit you at all.

Unlock DMD Early

After you beat Son of Sparda mode, you unlock Dante Must Die mode. What if you don’t want to play through the game on Son of Sparda, though? At the end of the game’s prologue, you fight Urizen for the first time and get a cutscene upon being beaten. But you can actually beat him here. If you manage to pull this off, Dante Must Die mode will be unlocked immediately.

That about sums up what you might need to know before jumping into certain aspects of Devil May Cry 5. Do you have any tips or tricks of your own to share? If so, leave them in the comments.

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