Devolver Digital’s Gris Looks Absolutely Beautiful

Let’s get something out of the way right now: Gris is stunning. The newly announced title from publisher Devolver Digital looks like a watercolor painting that’s come to life. Its painterly aesthetic is both inviting and mysterious, teasing a world that’s worth exploring.

But despite its enchanting visuals, Gris doesn’t seem like an overtly happy game. The eponymous hero is no stranger to grief. According to the publisher, her painful experiences manifest as a magical dress, which gives players new abilities to move through the world. Gris’ melancholy themes serve as a strong reminder that beauty and tragedy can exist alongside one another.

Interestingly, Gris is supposedly “free of danger, frustration, or death.” Although the game contains puzzles and platforming sections, its narrative takes center stage. Developer Nomada Studios wants to bring a haunting, evocative world to life through solid animation and storytelling more than difficult challenges.

Gris’ reveal trailer manages to do a lot in a short amount of time. It’s beautiful and entrancing. The upcoming title releases in 2019 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Ray Porreca
Ray Porreca is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. His work has appeared in Vice, Playboy, and Destructoid.

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