Diablo III gets a facelift with 2.3.0 patch

Diablo Iii Gets A Facelift With 2.3.0 Patch

The much anticipated patch 2.3.0 for Diablo III is now live. Players have been waiting what seems like an enternity for the massive patch that includes new items, zones, weapons, and an interesting cube that explains the origin of Diablo II’s Horadric Cube.

This comes in the form of Kanai’s Cube, a incrediblely powerful tool that, Blizzard says, will change the way players think about every item drop. One of the most attractive features of the cube is the ability to extract a Legendary Power from it and equip said power without the need to equip the item it is tied to. Each Legendary item can also now be reforged to randamize every roll of the item, allowing players to take a chance on discovering something new, as if it were the first time the item dropped.

Kanai’s Cube is found in Ruins of Sescheron, a brand new zone for players to fight through and explore. This zone also serves as a set piece for brand new enemies that players can face off against.

Another great feature of the patch is the ability to track progress through every Season. This will begin in Season 4 and continue onward, where players can individually track their milestones throughout the progression of any Season.

Patch 2.3.0 is huge and outlining every detail would be absurd, so head over here to read the full patch notes, or if you’re more of the visual type, check out the overview for the patch in the video below.



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